FG Connect Issue 5 - Term 2, Week 6 - Principal Newsletter

6th June 2023. Alumni, Curriculum News, Principal, Junior School (Years 7 & 8), Middle Sub-School (Years 9 & 10), Featured News, Arts, Sports. 927 page views.
Principal Report, Positive Education, Positive Behaviour Leaderboard, Principal Appointment, FGSC Podcast, State School Relief, Uniform, Refugee Parent’s Morning Tea, IDAHOBIT Day, Junior Netball Update, Year 8 Art, Year 9 Studio Art, Year 9 Endeavour, Senior Soccer, Year 9 Higher Achiever, Division Cross Country Update, White Card, Market Day, Year 10 Chemistry, German Exchange Student, Bennet, VCE Drama, Year 12 Business Management, Alumni, Year 12 Camp, Humanities Week and Rugby Academy.
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