FG Connect Issue 7 - Term 3, Week 3 - Principal Newsletter

28th July 2023. Alumni, Curriculum News, Principal, Junior School (Years 7 & 8), Middle Sub-School (Years 9 & 10), Featured News, Arts, Sports. 812 page views.
Upcoming Events, Principal Report, Student Calendar, Positive Education, Positive Behaviour Leaderboard, Compass, Podcast, State School Relief, Punctuality Improvement Plan, Uniform, “A Chorus Line: Teen Edition”, Media Upgrade, Pathways, Year 8 Bunjil Excursion, Year 9 High Achiever, Year 9 Frisbee Incursion, Year 9 Studio Art, Year 10 Endeavour, Year 11 & 12 Legal Studies, Year 12 Product Design & Systems Engineering, Welcome Our New Staff, Congratulations, Social Media, International Students, We’re Hiring, Volunteer Needed, Breakfast Club & How To Encourage Positive Behaviour In Teenagers.

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