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13th November 2020. Principal. 799 page views.
Principal's Note, Welcome Back, Year 12's Last Days, Remembrance Day, 2020, Happy NAIDOC Week, Year 10 Media Students, VCE Dance, FGSC Music Update, VCE Theatre Class, VCE Summer School and School Uniform Shop Update.

Principal's Note

Congratulations to our Year 12 students who have officially finished all classes at Fountain Gate Secondary College.   What a momentous year. I have said it countless times this year, how amazed I am at our students’  perseverance, good humour, leadership and ability to adjust and create opportunities under challenging circumstances. Year 12 is always a tough year but this year's challenges were truly unprecedented. 

We wish all students all the best for their future plans as they embark on their next exciting chapter and their final VCE exams which are taking place over then next few weeks. 

Pete Hanratty

College Principal

Welcome Back

In Week 4, we were was thrilled to welcome back the last of the year levels with Year 8 and 10 students returning on Monday and our Year 9 students starting on Tuesday from remote learning. Not wasting any time, students were quick to return to hands on learning, onsite classes and lunchtimes spent with their sorely missed classmates.

In particular, the College’s Endeavour Centre, Home Economic and P.E classes were bustling with energy as students got to get back to cooking, robotics and STEM classes and outdoor Physical Education lessons.


Year 12's Last Days

Our Year 12 Students making the most of their last few days of classes!

Our Year 12 students lined up and preparing for their English/EAL Exam on the 10th of November!

Remembrance Day, 2020

On 11th of November each year, we pause for one minute of silence to remember those who have served and died in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations. This year has been like no other in living memory for Australia and the world and we may also choose to reflect on the unexpected roles that that our current serving men and women are performing in support of our efforts against COVID-19.

As we draw together as a community in 2020 to face unforeseen challenges, we are encouraged to also reflect on another time when Australians faced enormous challenges and great adversity. Almost a million Australians served during the Second World War and millions more contributed to the war effort on the home front.

This year, we have commemorated the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, a war that changed Australia as we knew it.

The posters attached, in keeping with the significant anniversary this year, feature the moments when troops heard the news that the Second World War was over, and the peace celebrations that followed.

There are multiple resources are available for free on the Anzac Portal at We thank the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs for the message above and the posters provided.

Happy NAIDOC Week!

NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for Australia to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements!

Tyrown’s artwork tells the story of how the Rainbow Serpent came out of the Dreamtime to create this land. It is represented by the snake and it forms the shape of Australia, which symbolises how it created our lands. The colour from the Rainbow Serpent is reflected on to the figure to display our connection to the Rainbow Serpent, thus our connection to country. The overlapping colours on the outside is the Dreamtime. The figure inside the shape of Australia is a representation of Indigenous Australians showing that this country - since the dawn of time - Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land.

Year 10 Media Students

The Year 10 Media Students developed and created a magazine page based on a quote from their favourite movie!

Year 10 Media students also developed a record album cover, based on the media announcements regarding the easing of restrictions.

They were required to create the print form as if their favourite artist was releasing a 'new album based on the positive news' to provoke positivity amongst their fans!

VCE Dance

A huge congratulations to our VCE Dance girls for completing their performance exams! Ms.Gulen is beyond proud of you all for your hard work and resilience!

FGSC Music Update

Music staff at Fountain Gate have given each of their students a comprehensive care package on their return to school to help facilitate their instrumental studies onsite and at home.

Woodwind, Brass and Vocal lessons continue to be taught via online video lessons and outdoors onsite whilst guitar, piano and drums have recommenced live.

The year 7 concert band are pushing through with the help of remote technology to record their parts following the first few weeks back at the college and the Senior Band commenced in week 5.

The guitar and drum ensembles are meeting weekly with Mr Heels and Mr Taylor giving our students the much needed reconnection to their instrumental sessions.

Any students interested in enrolling in the instrumental program are encouraged to get in touch with the instrumental !staff. The show must go on!

VCE Theatre Class

A huge congratulations to our Theatre Studies class for completing their performance exam! Ms. Gulen is incredibly proud of you all!

VCE Summer School

The University of Melbourne Student Union is running its annual VCE Summer School for 2021 Year 12 students.  The two-week program will be run virtually.  Students will be able to get a head start on their studies, develop study skills and receive tutoring for their Units 3 and 4 subjects.  Current Year 11 VCE students are invited to apply for the program.
Date:  11 to 22 January 2021
Cost:  $50

School Uniform Shop

Attached is a link from the PSW Hampton Park store. They have left no stone unturned in ensuring all their staff are fully trained in Covid19 protocol.

They are also now offering individual appointments, which can be found on the PSW Schools online store.

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