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17th December 2020. Principal. 933 page views.
Principals Note, A message from our College Captain, Year 12 Celebration Day, Year 11 Pathways Session, Year 7 Band Program, Year 10 Advanced Photography, Final Humanities Class, Year 7 Art, FSGC Calculator Buy Back Program, Year 7 Orientation Art, Music Performance of 'Seven Nation Army, Co-Curatorship Emergent Exhibition, Year 9 Photograph and 'Glam & Go' Student Project.

Principals Note 

What a year. A massive thank you to our staff, students, families and College community. I am extremely grateful to have gone through the Year of 2020 at Fountain Gate Secondary College. I know I am not the only one who has looked forward to holidays with a sigh of relief. It has been a very long and challenging year and I know we are all looking forward to the promises and opportunities that 2021 has to offer. However, it is important to reflect and be grateful for the lessons, opportunities and experiences of the year, even if they weren’t what we quite expected. I wish you all a very happy and safe holiday.



A message from our College Captains 

'2020 has been an unforgettable year and we wanted to mark our final school year with something special that would be a lasting memory of our cohort and the special year we have lived through. We chose to create a time capsule filled with memories en-cap-sul-ating the year that has been 2020, which will be opened in 2040. Our invited guest, the Honourable Luke Donnellan MP, along with Mr Hanratty and Mrs Waters sat down with the captains, and discussed the year that has been. The items placed in the time capsule are all relevant to our Year 12 cohort, including some information about COVID-19, some token items like a mask and hand sanitiser and some of the statements relating to school closures by Premier Daniel Andrews. We also included some fun items like our Carnival and Val 2.0 invites, a USB with photo and videos of the year, a Year 12 group photo and a Senior Sub-School photo. The time capsule will be buried outside the VCE Centre and will be memorialized with a plaque. We look forward to returning for the opening and take a trip down memory lane in 20 years time'

Year 12 Celebration Day!

Last week was a big one for our Year 12 Cohort!

Once all VCAA exams concluded, our Year 12's celebrated in style with a school carnival! Our school oval was completely transformed with rides, food trucks, games and lots of fun and excitement. The day was themed ‘Through the Decades’ and Year 12 students dressed up in costume covering the 70’s through to the 90’s!

Year 11 Pathways Session

On October 14th, the FGSC and the Alumni Team welcomed 7 of our alum to a live online session with Year 11 students. These alumni all study and work in a variety of fields (including environmental science, international relations, health, dentistry) and brough their knowledge and experience from their own journey so far to help inform students currently figuring out their future pathways. It was great to have our alum telling their stories, speaking directly to students about their lives in high school and beyond.

A Year 11 teacher supervising the session commented that “the alum’s experiences visibly comforted (the Year 11s) as they prepare to move into their final year of VCE”. The students were eagerly asking questions to settle anxieties about the year/s ahead, with students voicing how they want to come back and present one day too! “Overall, wonderful session and incredibly beneficial to our current VCE students”.

We thank our alum for offering valuable insight and advice, the teachers involved for co-facilitating with us, and the students for their active engagement!

Certainly, more of these to come in the near future.

If you are an alum or the parent of an alum and would like to be involved in the program, or reach out to update us about your pathway so far – send us an email > or visit our Facebook page

Year 7 Band Program

To say that our 2020 Year 7 band program did not go as planned would be an understatement!

We are so very grateful for every students resilience after returning to onsite lessons following such a prolonged period of absence. It certainly has been a challenging year to begin learning a new instrument.

Our term 4 band rehearsals have consisted of clapping and talking about playing, to finally being able to play in small, distanced groups.

Given the obstacles faced, it is a terrific achievement to finish off the year with this virtual concert of ‘Bunyip Blues’.

A big congratulations Yr 7’s!  

Year 10 Advanced Photography

Some amazing results from the last Year 10 Advanced Photography class of 2020! Students celebrated their transition work and nominated their favourite ones.

Final Humanities Class

The (2021) 8e Humanities students spent their last Humanities class of 2020 digging for buried treasure after meeting with a real archaeologist from Museum Victoria this week and seeing how they unearth precious artefacts from around the world!

Year 7 Art

 As part of their ‘Return to School Unit’ 7F students learnt to paint a portrait by dividing it into seven different tone scales. They mixed tints and shades of one pure primary colour to paint their tonal portrait painting, using the complementary colour to paint the background.

FSGC Calculator Buy Back Program

The FGSC Math’s Department is running a CAS Calculator Buy Back Program for 2020. Student’s with a Casio ClassPad II fx-CP400 wishing to participate need to take their calculator to Ms. Byers in the Maths Office next to G9 to have its condition checked. If suitable for the Buy Back Program, $100 will be deposited into your nominated bank account. A limited number of calculators will be purchased so students are encouraged to participate early to avoid disappointment. Please contact Ms. Byers if you have any questions:

Year 7 Orientation Art

Orientation ran last week for our new 2021 Year 7's! In Art, students created their interpretation of "Stuck in the Bottle." We can't wait to see what they create next year!

Music Performance of 'Seven Nation Army.'

2021’s future musicians have been busy refining their musical skills over transition and have put their theoretical knowledge to the test in a promising performance of ‘Seven Nation Army’. The drums were rolling and the amps were switched on for their first live performance as a class.

Katie said “It was really fun, and I enjoyed playing along with everyone in a group.” While Jessica thought that “Playing ‘Seven Nation Army’ really pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it was great to try new things.”

It was a fantastic achievement, and we look forward to seeing them back in the classroom in 2021.

Co-Curatorship Emergent Exhibition

One of our talented Year 11 students Ronan Suon was selected to be a co-curator of this year Emergent Graduate Showcase at Bunjil Place! This week Ronan met with gallery staff and the other student co-curators to work through the selection process.

The Emergent exhibition showcases the highest quality of work produced by graduating Year 12 students in 2020 from Studio Art, Art, Visual Communication Design, Media and Design Technology. Ronan had the opportunity to learn about how artworks are selected for exhibition and exhibition standards that must be adhered too. Ronan along with the other students had to grade each artwork entered to work out what would be exhibited in the final showcase. The Emergent Graduate Showcase will open in March 2021.

Year 9 Photograph

Our students are learning how to make a contact sheet and use aperture (the technique of opening in a lens through which light passes to enter the camera).

'Glam & Go' Student Project

During her study of Economics and Business in Humanities, Chanel Nicolopoulos of 7G created a product idea called ‘Glam & Go’ which is a cosmetic box that includes a space for memories, a drawer and shelves for storage and diamante letters for personalisation. Her advertisement poster is just as glamorous as her product idea and includes colorful pictures of her product, her glittery logo, her slogan, company name (Xo Company), itemised and total pricing and where to purchase the product. Well done Chanel!

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