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13th August 2021. Principal. 1117 page views.
Principal Note, VCE Update, FGSC School Production, Census Support for non-English speaking communities, Junior Student VCD and Visual Art Projects, Parents Resources, SWIFF’s Nextwave Youth Short Film Competition and Click and Collect Uniform Orders.

Principal Note

Dear our Fountain Gate Community.

I hope you are all safe and well. I am sure we are all feeling frustrated by the ongoing lockdown extensions. Please remember to get outside where possible, check in with your friends and family and make sure to take breaks from your screens. 

Just a reminder on some of the recent updates. 

Our remote learning program will continue, to ensure that our students can continue their learning and engagement with school. It’s really important that our students continue to engage in all their online classes (including daily Gateway Check-ins), complete the work set by teachers, and record their attendance on Teams each morning. Important information about class times and work expectations is sent via Compass, so it’s important that our students and parents/guardians are checking Compass regularly.

A reminder that if anyone in our community is feeling unwell or has been to any of the exposure sites listed on the DHHS website, you must get tested immediately and isolate. If you have any concerns or know anyone who is struggling, please contact our Subschools or our Wellbeing Team immediately so we can support you.


Pete Hanratty

College Principal

VCE Update

DET is acutely aware of the issues around VCE students and lockdown. Please be ensured that the Department of Education is dealing with this as a priority. 


The GAT has been changed to the 9th of September (Thursday) from 10-1.15pm, subject to Public Health advice.


From Monday, 30th August, essential assessment can take place on-site in small groups. For example, Practical Subjects such as Dance, Drama etc. will be able to run their SATs and exam practice on-site as these cannot be done online at home.


There has been no changes to the VCE Exam period

Special Consideration

Special Consideration and adjustments will take place like last year. GAT and other assessments will be taken into consideration.

VCE Results

Results will be posted on the 16th of December

University Offers

University offers will be released Mid-January

Process for Year 12 Online SACs

How SACs will be run online:

• Online SACs will be ‘open-book’, which means students have access to their notes, textbooks and the internet.

• There will be no ‘Reading-Time’

• Students must complete the online SAC using lined paper and a pen. The online SAC will not require students to print anything.

• Students will hand-write their responses and must write each question/prompt on their paper.

• All students are encouraged to download the ‘Genius Scan’ app on their phone/tablet, which will help them scan their work into a single PDF file for uploading to Compass.

• All student must be present on the Microsoft Teams meeting during the SAC, with cameras on (more information below).

FGSC School Production

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to our Performing Arts Team and students! After 18 months of rehearsing, they received the devastating news that the school production which was cancelled. As such, they decided to perform 'Journey' on the day before lockdown 6.0 at the College!

We are so lucking to have such a dedicated, creative, and positive group of teachers that were able to support our students, sing and dance their hearts out. While it was not the outcome we were all so excited for, it was still an amazing show that our students and staff should be incredibly proud of!

Census Support for non-English speaking communities

Please see below census support for non-English speaking communities. I’m not sure if any families of refugee background will have reached out to you or your MEAs for support, but I wanted to pass the information on just in case. The fine for not completing the census is $222, so it may even be worth checking in with families to ensure they have completed it.

The following links may help our clients meet the Census requirements:

A map is also provided for local access to one-on-one help:

Queries can be directed to the Census helpline 1800 512 441 – clients can call TIS 131 450 to request they be connected in their language.

Junior Student VCD and Visual Art Projects

Year 7 Visual Communication Design students looking at Typography and creating homemade fonts during remote learning!

Pre-lockdown paper mache classes!

Parents Resources

A great link for parents and carers during lockdown

SWIFF’s Nextwave Youth Short Film Competition is open for entries!

The Coffs Coast’s Screenwave International Film Festival is looking for the next wave of young filmmakers living anywhere in Australia!

Enter a short film into the Nextwave Youth Film Competition for your chance to win awesome awards and prizes, including Best School, and have your film premiere at SWIFF 2022 on the Coffs Coast! 

If you like being creative, and want to have a go at filmmaking, SWIFF wants to see what you can do!

The rules are simple:

For full terms and conditions, visit 

Click and Collect Uniform Orders

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