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22nd May 2020. Principal. 1263 page views.
Principal's Greeting, Careers and Pathways Update, House Points Update, 'FSCG Do You Have Talent,' Fitness and Health Online, Endeavour Project By Student, Literature Extracts from Students, Doctors in Secondary Schools, School Uniforms and Wellbeing Reminder

Principal's Greeting 

Our students have done an incredible job adapting to a remote learning model in such a short space of time and I along with the staff of Fountain Gate Secondary College are very proud of them. However, nothing will replace the face-to-face learning experience and we have enjoyed welcoming our VCE students and staff back on campus and look forward to welcoming the remaining year levels on the 9th of June.  

I would like to sincerely thank all of our families for their continued support during this time. It has certainly been very challenging but many of you have emailed or called through messages of care and encouragement and it has meant a lot to our staff to receive this support. I think we would all agree that the teachers and support staff have really worked tirelessly through this period to deliver innovative lessons whilst maintaining connection to our students.

A number of questions have been raised by parents and students regarding the return of school-based learning. I have included details provided by the Department of Education (DET) on advice from the Chief Health Officer.

From DET: The responsibility for operating the college under such challenging conditions lies with the Principal. It continues to be the principal's responsibility to make the school-based decisions required to deliver Government education objectives.

As such, Fountain Gate Secondary College will endeavour to implement a conservative approach to school’s return over the next weeks.

To ensure a smooth transition back to on-campus learning please keep in mind the following

Once a year level is invited to return to campus, all online learning will cease from that point. Instead, our staff will return to the normal expectation of conveying missed work to absent students.

Please do not hesitate to contact Sub School if you have any queries or concerns. 

I look immensely forward to welcoming everyone back over the coming weeks and again a massive thank you to everyone for being supportive and patient during this time.

Additionally, over the past two weeks the Principal Team and Faculty leaders have been creating some informational videos about our College which I encourage you to have a look at.

Please note the following key dates for the remainder of Term 2.

Tuesday 26 May
•  Years 11 and 12 students (including Year 10s doing a Unit 1/2 VCE study) return to school.

Monday 8 June
•  Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday.

Tuesday 9 June
Years 7 to 10 students return to learning in classes at school.

Friday 26 June
•  Last day of Term 2.

In what has been an extraordinary period in the history of education, I thank all of our incredibly dedicated staff for their rapid and thorough adaptation to online learning. Thank you too for the continuted support you have offered your own children during this time. 


Pete Hanratty, College Principal

Careers and Pathways Update

Year 9 and 10 course counselling for 2021 has commenced and will continue throughout the remainder of Term 2. These will be 1:1 appointments with a member of the Pathways Team.

All university events have been moved online that include webinars about industry specific courses. Links to these webinars are available either from individual university websites, Year 12's also have access to this via their MS Teams page or if further assistance is required please attend the Pathways Office.

House Point Update 

On behalf of all of the House Captains we wanted to say that we are looking forward to everybody being back at school on the 9th of June. It’s great to see that many of you have been working hard whilst being at home and because of that you have been earning house points. Every time you receive a merit certificate or a golden ticket you are earning points for your house, so make sure you keep up the good work! Below are the current placings for the year so far: 

Bunurong: 8420

Mayone-Bulluk: 7030

Wurundjeri: 6780

Kulin: 6690

Congratulations to Bunurong who are currently in the lead!

'FSCG Do You Have Talent!'

Check out our new ISO Talent competition with amazing prizes to be won! Entries close on June 1st.

- Best vocal performance

- Best instrumental performance

- Best Dance Performance

- Best Acting Performance 

- Best Tik Tok Solo Act

- Best Tik Tok Family Act

To enter students can create a short video for one of the above categories and then email our College Captains at or

Fitness and Health Online

Daily physical activity boosts physical and mental health and improves wellbeing. It also helps with concentration, retaining information and solving problems. That is why the Department is supporting Victorian schools to provide daily physical activity for their students during remote learning.

A range of engaging, interesting and educative physical activity resources have been collated for teachers, parents and students. These resources aim to support students to stay active, connected to sport and involved in physical education whilst they are at home. For further information please see the FUSE Learning from Home Platform.

Resources include a four-week online football program called Kick it with Victory, developed by Melbourne Victory Football Club, in collaboration with the Department and School Sport Victoria.  This free resource is available for teachers to use in their teaching plans or for parents to pass on to children to keep them active while learning from home. 

The program continues the Department’s ongoing successful relationship developing and delivering educational outcomes with Melbourne Victory Football Club.

Endeavour Project By Student

Jack Nicholas of Year 7 has completed his fantastic Endeavour Project which he was excited to share with our College Community!  A great effort Jack!

Excellent Extracts of Work from our Students!

Over the past two weeks of remote learning, we have received some fantastic English and literature pieces from our students!

Extract 1

'Darkness and rubble, as far as I could see it was all that was visible. The stone pathway was cold underneath my feet and the night was dimly lit by a singular distant street light it was hard to see where I was going but could avoid obvious shapes in my way. The air was damp and smelt of rain as if a storm had just passed. Although I couldn’t remember exactly what had happened before I woke up on the edge of the walkway. In fact, I couldn’t remember anything, not even who I was. Soaked in water I made my way trying not to slip on the wet stone path towards the distant gloomy street. My body ached and my joints were sore the bottom of my feet scratched and cut from the jagged pieces of rubble and chipped cobblestone. I knew my feet were bleeding but didn’t care, I had to keep on moving. I couldn’t afford to waste any time. Although everything around me seemed familiar I still couldn’t grasp where I was. So, I had to find someone or something that could tell me where I was and possibly if I’m lucky who I am. Stumbling onto the main street where I called out for help… but no one came'

By Jensen Tasci

Extract 2

“…the rules for wishing are simple,” the genie says to me as I sit down on a rock looking out into the ocean. “read this booklet that contains the terms and conditions that apply, sign your name below and whenever you want a wish granted just way ‘I wish’ before your wish and it will come true.” He continued as I skimmed over the booklet and signed my name at the bottom. I handed the genie back the booklet. He grinned and said “Goodluck my child…” as he turns away, he continues “…you will need it.” He then disappears into the moonlight. I continue sitting on the rock having deep thoughts, I get carried away in my thoughts that I did not realize I fell asleep.


I rush home and I go straight to my room. I remember what happened on the beach when the genie gave me 3 wishes. “how many wishes have I made since then?” I say to myself. Then I remember everything that happened today. Only 2 things happened. I still have one wish left. “okay, I need to fix everything.” I sit down on my bed with my legs crossed as I shut my eyes. I take a couple deep breaths until the words flow out of my mouth. “I wish everything went back to the way it was.” Everything goes black once again and I wake up on a beach. Completely forgetting what I was doing, I began to take a walk and I come across this ancient lamp buried in the sand. I pick it up and brush off all the sand, soon after a genie appears. “Thank you for finally releasing me.” He says with a big grin on his face as he looks up at me. He realises I am in shock and continues “I am here to grant you three wishes…”

By Becca Rogers

Extract 3

By Katelyn Steinlamp

Extract 4

By Arni Basu

Doctors in Secondary Schools

The Doctors in Schools Program has resumed. All appointments will take place over the telephone – no video calls will be permitted.

School uniforms 

Wellbeing Reminder

At School:
• A member of the Wellbeing Team will be in the Front Office every morning from 8:45am to 9:00am.
• Wellbeing Centre 8:30am – 4:00pm Mon to Fri (located behind the canteen).
• Online workshops 1:00 – 2:00pm Mon to Fri. 

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