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19th June 2020. Principal. 1335 page views.
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Principal's Note

Dear Students, Families and our College Community

Words cannot begin to express how immensely proud I am of our College over Term 2. This no doubt has been the most challenging term our Community has faced, first dealing with the quick transition to remote learning from Term 1 holidays and then back to onsite learning over the past few weeks. The strength, flexibility, willingness to adapt and energy that myself and staff members have witnessed from our students has been beyond incredible. Thank you to all of our parents and guardians who have supported their child(ren) and our teachers and ES staff during this term, from your support at home in providing sound environments for your child(ren) to reaching out to our College with kind and supportive words for our staff.

A massive thank you to the Assistant Principals, Mrs. Magnano, Mrs. Murgana, Mr. Threadgold and Mrs. Mcleod who have been doing a huge amount of work in the background to ensure a smooth transition to and from remote learning.

I want to remind everyone to continue to check in with themselves, particularly as the COVID-19 situation has continued to change, both in regulations and new cases developing each day. It is very understandable to be experiencing feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and concern in relation to the ongoing development of the coronavirus. Try to stay away from social media as it can become very overwhelming and instead check in with the DET page if you want any updates relating to the pandemic.

Beyond Blue also has a page with dedicated information and advice on how you can look after your mental health and well-being at this time, please refer to the link below. 

Thank you for your support during this time and we look forward to welcoming everyone back for a fantastic Term 3. I wish everyone a safe and restful holiday.

Pete Hanratty

Your Principal

Alumni News

VCE Pizza Celebration

Our Year 12 students enjoying some well earned pizza on their final day of Term 2!

VCE Theatre Studies

A chilling glimpse of our VCE Theatre Studies students working on their Unit 3 Assessment Piece, ‘Children of the Black Skirt.'

VCE Dance Students

Our VCE Dance Students have been working incredibly hard during the the past five weeks, pushing themselves physically and technically in learning and perfecting their dance assessment “Energy,” choreographed by our VCE Dance teacher, Ms. Gulen.

Year 10 Photography

Year 10 Photography students have been experimenting with a variety of ‘Inspiration’ photo shoot tasks upon their return to school this semester.

These tasks have included experimentation with shadow projections, water and mirror reflections to capture creative compositions.

Students have then enhanced their images by post processing in Photoshop using a variety of adjustment modes to add contrast, colour balance, selective toning, cropping and sharpening.

Celebration of Learning In Year 7 Media

During Week 11 in Year 7 Media, a "Celebration of learning" was held. Despite being a short semester the class was able to view 24 minutes of footage that they had created so far for class. The topics included "what is media?, what does technology mean to me living in this technological world and the positives of isolation"  It was a good class to recognise the resilience of these students creating so much work in such a limited amount of time!

Year 9 Photography

Our Year 9 students have loved getting back to hands-on learning in Photography! They are currently learning how to develop a roll of film and use a SLR camera!

Our Year 9 Photography students have also been experimenting with old fashion film in the darkroom. 

Humanities World Championships 2020

From the 16th of June to the 23rd of June, the students in 7e and 9e Humanities competed in the Humanities World Championships through Education Perfect. During this competition, the students had to correctly answer as many questions as possible for History, Geography and Economics. The students worked tirelessly both in class and out to compete in this competition. As a result, Fountain Gate Secondary College ranked 11th overall in the world (out of 1,664 schools) and 4th overall in Australia (out of 1,157 schools), this is an amazing feat considering that our 47 students surpassed schools who were competing with up to 1,500 students. For our category (1-50 students), we placed 1st in the world and in a vast majority of the categories we were entered into.

Here are some of our achievements:

Congratulations to Beth Van Der Linde of 9e who ranked 62nd in the world and to Binul Arambawela of 7e who ranked 90th in the world (over 300,000 students competed) who also won their respective class competitions!

Year 10 Young Entrepreneurs 

Students engaged in a Shark Tank assessment where they were required to sell a product to try and get the investment of the “sharks”. Students needed to produce a mock up and try to earn the investment of the sharks. Our students worked really hard and spent a lot of time to try and get their products ready, an incredible effort!

Year 7 Humanities Challenge

Wellbeing Reminder

This time can be overwhelming; it’s normal to feel anxious, worried and uncertain. We recommend you speak to someone you trust about this, whether that a member of your family, sub school or a teacher. If these feelings start impacting on your daily life, we will recommend you speak to a professional, whether that’s at school or through your GP.

Staying mindful when you’re at home

Other services and supports available

Immediate assistance – emergency situations
Emergency services (police/fire/ambulance) – 000

Hospitals Have an Emergency Department, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Medical Clinics & General Practitioners (Doctors)

Emergency Housing

FGSC Home Stay Families 

Fountain Gate Junior Football Club

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