Excellence Scholarship - Sports


This scholarship is offered to students who demonstrate talent and potential in sporting endeavours as well as strong academic performance. Students must demonstrate a high level of organisation, self-management, resilience and have the capacity to become leaders in the school community.


  • New or existing students.
  • Students of any year level.
  • Not available to international full-fee paying students.


  • Curriculum Vitae which includes all personal contact information.
  • Written character reference from a teacher, coach or community leader.
  • Evidence of involvement in a community sport.
  • Previous school reports including NAPLAN or other academic results.
  • An interview where the student (accompanied by parent/guardian) will present a portfolio of sporting achievements.
  • Applicants must complete the Beep Test as part of the selection process. The minimum level that must be reached at each year level is:
    • Year 7 & 8 – Level 10 for boys, Level 8 for girls.
    • Year 9 & 10 – Level 11 for boys, Level 9 for girls.
    • Year 11 & 12 – Level 12 for boys, Level 10 for girls.
  • Written application (maximum three pages) which addresses the following selection criteria:
  1. Demonstrated talent in one or more sports.
  2. Demonstrated ability to produce strong academic results.
  3. Demonstrated exemplary behaviour and attitudes towards learning.
  4. Demonstrated ability to uphold the school’s values of respect, honesty, responsibility and endeavour.
  5. Demonstrated ability to build positive relationships with peers and teachers, and lead others.

The written application which includes all points mentioned in the above ‘application requirements’ section to be forwarded to Assistant Principal Mr. Yashar Duyal at Fountain Gate Secondary College.


Students who receive this scholarship are expected to maintain a high standard of academic performance and personal behaviour. If a student does not meet these requirements then a scholarship will be reviewed and may be revoked.


  • All subject fees and elective fees will be paid for by the College each year.
  • Scholarship exclusions are: excursion levies, school planner and textbook fees.

The tenure of this scholarship is a maximum of six years and ends when the student is no longer enrolled at the College.


Mr. Yashar Duyal
Assistant Principal

Ph: (03) 8762 6839

Email: fountain.gate.sc@education.vic.gov.au