Introducing the Team:

Students in Year 9 are supported by a team of Student Managers and Educational Support staff that can be contacted any time.

Year 9 offers a diverse program to cater for a range of abilities and interests. Student are able to select a wide range of different subjects, which allows students to start thinking about their future pathways within Fountain Gate Secondary College and beyond. A dedicated Pathways team support students in identifying strengths, weakness and interests and formulate a pathway for future learning or employment.

We believe school should be an inclusive environment that is safe for all students and staff to achieve their best. This is supported with the Victorian Curriculum and Respectful Relationships program. Students have access to a range of supports to help them achieve their best while at school and in the community. Students have access to Year 9 Coordinators to help with academic and social issues at school. Student success is celebrated with awards ceremonies, Student of the Month and attendance awards. In class, teachers recognise student’s hard work with golden tickets and merit certificates. We believe it is important to recognise students for outstanding work, effort and demonstrating positive school values as it increases student confidence, learning outcomes and connectedness to school.


Year 9 - all students are able to select two electives of their choice. In Term 3 they participate in m the Melbourne City Experience, providing them the opportunity to experience a range of different activities that Melbourne has to offer. The students on the tour learn independence, navigation skills and timekeeping. The Melbourne City Experience curriculum is project based and students work in a team to analyse social issues that are affecting youth. They will also take part in the Year 9 Futures Program to prepare them for Year 10 and beyond.