Assistant Principal's Newsletter

Interim Reports, NAPLAN results, Curriculum News, Fountain Gate Primary School and Student Awards.
Friday 20th September, 2019.
Assistant Principal.

Interim Reports

Student reports have been published on Compass from the 20.09 at 3 pm. Please ensure you read this report of progress, and discuss this with your child.

NAPLAN results

We have now received NAPLAN results for 2019. We are very pleased with the growth our students have shown through these tests, and continue to analyze and evaluate these tests to transfer this into our classrooms. If you have a child in Year 7 or 9 and would like your parent copy, please contact the school, pick it up from the front office, or send a note with your child giving consent to collect them.

Curriculum News

This term, our Year 12 students have completed their final assessments and began practice exams as preparation for their final examinations. Next term, students will continue revising and preparing for exams, commencing at the end of October.

Students in Endeavour are currently working on their projects, with final showcase and exhibition early next term. They have chosen a project related to sustainability, engaged their collaborative skills, and designed a solution to an existing problem. The students have been doing some exciting work, and we look forward to seeing the finished products!

Students have now all selected their Choice Subjects for 2020. We know that, when students are engaged and have a say in their learning, they are more likely to grow. We are now planning curriculum and starting on the timetable to make sure students have the best opportunity to thrive in their chosen learning environment.

Fountain Gate Primary School

For student safety, there will be a new a gate for the entrance to FGPS from Victoria Road starting later this week.

The Victoria Road gate will be opened in the morning at 8:45 am and locked all day and opened again when our bell goes at 3:15 pm.

This means that there will be no thoroughfare in the morning from our front gate to Victoria Road (even though our front gate may be open) and FGSC students will need to walk around our school from Prospect Hill Road to Victoria Road. In the afternoon FGSC students will need to either wait until the gate opens at 3:15 pm or walk around to our front entrance and either wait for their siblings outside of the yellow lines on the front footpath or in the other designated meeting areas of the prep area, basketball court or courtyard.

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been working at their very best and have received a Certificate of Achievement.

9A: T.Gray

We wish you all a fantastic holiday!

From your Assistant Principals,

Ms C. Bamberg, Mr. P. Broecker and Mr. N. Uwins.

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