Assistant Principal's Newsletter

Entertainment Books, Fountain Gate Primary School, Parent Support Required and Student Awards
Monday 14th October, 2019.
Assistant Principal.

Entertainment Books

The Principal Team would like to thank families and staff for their support for the school with the purchasing of the Entertainment Books. The school has been able to credit $434.00 to Student Wellbeing that will support some of our less fortunate students in supporting them with books and uniform.

Fountain Gate Primary School

For student safety, there will be a new gate for the entrance to FGPS from Victoria Road starting later this week.

The Victoria Road gate will be opened in the morning at 8:45 am and locked all day and opened again when our bell goes at 3:15 pm.

This means that there will be no thoroughfare in the morning from our front gate to Victoria Road (even though our front gate may be open) and FGSC students will need to walk around our school from Prospect Hill Road to Victoria Road. In the afternoon FGSC students will need to either wait until the gate opens at 3:15 pm or walk around to our front entrance and either wait for their siblings outside of the yellow lines on the front footpath or in the other designated meeting areas of the prep area, basketball court or courtyard.

Parent Support Required

A number of students are arriving at school each day tired, not ready for a full day of learning. The reason for this is that your child has had their electronic devices (phones, iPads, and computers) in their rooms each night when they go to bed. We ask that parents insist that the electronic devices are placed in a different room, charging for the next day. If the students claim that they need these devices because they need the alarm clock, then please go and purchase an alarm clock. A good night’s sleep is imperative if a young person is to succeed.

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been working at their very best and have received a Certificate of Achievement.

8B: A. Rafai

8K: F. Ghafoori

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