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Women in STEM Morning Tea, Robotics Club, Alumni News, Curriculum News
Friday 15th March, 2019.
Assistant Principal.

Women in STEM Morning Tea

In celebration of International Women’s Day, a group of year 7-9 students attended the Women in STEM Morning Tea at Casey Tech School. Keynote speaker was Dr Kate Charlton-Robb, Founding Director of the Marine Mammal Foundation, who inspired the girls with her story and her absolute passion for marine mammals. During morning tea, students had the opportunity to interact with women working in various STEM related industries and have real career conversations. They also participated in hands on STEM activities, including coding and robotics.

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Robotics Club

The Robotics club runs on Thursday and Friday Lunch times in the Endeavour Center, run by Mr Smits and occasionally some other Endeavour teachers help out. The aim of our group is to learn what robots can do, and help us with in our lives, from entertainment to doing simple chores. Students are exploring what the robots can do through designing and building different robots using Lego, and adding different sensors to change what the robot can do. Students are also learning how to program the robots so they can use the same build design to do different activities, tasks and challenges.

Featured below are Thomas Edwards and Bailey Jabke, Year 8 students, with their robots.

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Alumni News

Fountain Gate Secondary College is one of nine State Schools chosen in the country to develop an Alumni Program with the support of VASSP and NFP service provider Ourschool ( To assist with developing and driving this Program, alumna Jasmine Gonzalez (Class of 2016) is working alongside Elise Dunstan who is the Ourschool Program Manager.

Together, Elise and Jasmine are working together to grow awareness amongst our school community through various means and platforms.

The College has set up a specific Alumni Program email address to help bridge communications between community members and the school. If you are an Alumna (Ex Student) of Fountain Gate Secondary College or previously Eumemmering College, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Elise and Jasmine can be contacted via this email: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Check out our Alumni website or our Facebook page

It was a pleasure to support the Ourschool friends’ event and represent Fountain Gate Secondary College on Thursday. We believe every State school should develop an Alumni Program.

Curriculum News

It has been fantastic to see our students embracing the learning in Endeavour. Students are working together engineering a Rube Goldberg machine (have a look on Youtube). The photos below show students designing, problem-solving, collaborating, and of course using their creative and critical thinking skills – essential skills to develop in the 21 century learning environment. Students are also using the design process for their first projects, such as aprons and boxes with multiple functions.

As noted in previous newsletters, the Endeavour Program harnesses a 21st Century Curriculum that offers students the opportunity to study in a cross-disciplinary, project and problem-based learning environment. Whilst investigating real-world issues, students develop competencies that will help them learn how to take initiative and responsibility, build their confidence, solve problems, work in teams, communicate ideas, and manage themselves more effectively. The development of these competencies support the learning in all other subject areas and most importantly prepare students for life after school.

Ms Carolyn Bamberg, Mr Neil Uwins and Mr Paul Broecker

Assistant Principal Team

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