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Curriculum news, Bicycle Helmets and Scooters, “Children’s Crossings are Cool”, Eye Care, Fountain Gate Primary School, New English for Parents class at Fountain Gate Secondary College, Parking and Speed Limits, Student Awards and Year 10 Course Counselling for VCE 2020,
Wednesday 24th July, 2019.
Assistant Principal.

We have started the Term off well at Fountain Gate Secondary College, with some students enrolling in new elective subjects, and others resuming the work they started last term. We welcome some new students to the College and wish them a successful start to their time with us. We also welcome Mr. Piad and Ms. Preen to our staff and wish Ms. Shmerling all the best as takes maternity leave.

Our VCE students now enter the business end of the year as they finish off courses and begin looking ahead to the end of year exams. Please remember we have tutorial sessions and homework club that run most nights so students can extra help and set up effective study routines. Please also keep your eye on upcoming Tertiary Open Days - . Please see Ms. Irwin or Ms. Taylor if needed to make sure you’re are headed in the right direction.

Developing effective study habits is really important to develop throughout high school, but is especially important for our senior students as they head towards exams. We have a fantastic VCE Support Program run by Ms. Waters and the sub school team, where students get help in planning their time, stress management, organisation and study skills. For extra help, visit for extra tips.

Bicycle Helmets and Scooters

It is imperative that we have parent support with regard to bicycle helmets. All students who ride a bicycle to school MUST wear a helmet. Parents will be contacted immediately if a student is riding a bicycle without a helmet.

Students riding scooters to school must also bring a padlock so they can be secured safely in the bicycle shed.

“Children’s Crossings are Cool”

  1. A children’s crossing is a legal crossing when two flags are in place.
  2. Children and adults who are crossing at a children’s crossing must comply with the supervisor’s directions.
  3. You must always stand behind the yellow line.
  4. Never follow the children’s crossing supervisor out onto the crossing – WAIT! THEY MUST GO OUT FIRST, WHEN THEY HAVE BLOWN THEIR WHISTLE (2 SHORT BLASTS) IT IS SAFE TO CROSS.
  5. DO NOT ride bikes across the crossing, bounce a ball, fight, muck around or run – WALK QUICKLY AND SAFELY.
  6. ALWAYS stay within the lines of crossing and walk in front of the supervisor (never behind them).
  7. The children’s crossing supervisor will always wait until it is safe before they walk out and blow their whistle.
  8. Cars are NOT allowed to park on the crossing. If the area is not clear you must pull up behind the white line and wait till you have clearance before proceeding.
  9. Always be alert and listen to what your children’s crossing supervisor says.
  10. It is ILLEGAL to double park outside a school – you will be caught.

Eye Care

The optometrist has commenced meeting with the students and testing their eyesight. The optometrist will be at school until late-July. If families who may have not initially taken up the offer, can still do so by contacting the General office.

Fountain Gate Primary School

We ask parents to reinforce to their older siblings who attend Fountain Gate SC who collect younger siblings from Fountain Gate PS that they wait for their younger brothers or sisters outside their classroom and not at the front gate.

New English for Parents class at Fountain Gate Secondary College

Enjoy meeting other parents to learn English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills:

  • Every Monday 5:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Starting Monday 5th August 2019
  • $10.00 (registration fee)
  • VCE Centre – V1

Please call Clea Nicol at Foundation Learning Centre on 9704 7388 or email at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. for more information

Parking and Speed Limits

We would like to remind parents that the speed limits during designated times around schools is 40 km/h. We would also like to encourage parents to follow the parking regulations stipulated around the school, in particular the area near the Dandenong Valley SDS and the staff car park. The area around the school is very busy, both before and after school, and the ongoing support of all parents is greatly appreciated.

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been working at their very best and have received a Certificate of Achievement.

7I: J. Herrera

8J: A. Boutthajit, L. Matenda

9A: A. Rasidi

Year 10 Course Counselling for VCE 2020 – Wednesday 31st July 2019

There will be a Course Counselling Day for students in Years 10 on Wednesday 31st July 2019, 12.30 pm – 5.00 pm, 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm. The staff will be located in the V7 and V8 which is close to the corner of Josephine Avenue and Victoria Road. All Year 10 students and their parent(s) are expected to attend. There are no Year 10 timetabled classes that day.

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