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Bicycle Helmets and Scooters, Buses, Curriculum Day, Fountain Gate Primary School, New English for Parents class at Fountain Gate Secondary College, Student Awards, Annual Girls Empowerment Event, Innovate STEM program and Endeavour Project for the year.
Friday 09th August, 2019.
Assistant Principal.

Bicycle Helmets and Scooters

It is imperative that we have parent support with regard to bicycle helmets. All students who ride a bicycle to school MUST wear a helmet. Parents will be contacted immediately if a student is riding a bicycle without a helmet.

Students riding scooters to school must also bring a padlock so they can be secured safely in the bicycle shed.


A reminder to families that if their child is using the bus to travel to and from school, they must have a MYKI card with enough money on the card to cover the trip.

Curriculum Day – Thursday 22nd August 2019

There will be a Curriculum Day on Thursday 22nd August 2019. The students are not required to attend school.

Fountain Gate Primary School

We ask parents to reinforce to their older siblings who attend Fountain Gate SC who collect younger siblings from Fountain Gate PS that they wait for their younger brothers or sisters outside their classroom and not at the front gate.

New English for Parents class at Fountain Gate Secondary College

Enjoy meeting other parents to learn English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills:

  • Every Monday 5:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Starting Monday 12th August 2019
  • $10.00 (registration fee)
  • VCE Centre – V1

Please call Clea Nicol at Foundation Learning Centre on 9704 7388 or email at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. for more information

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been working at their very best and have received a Certificate of Achievement.

7K: C. Singleton

9A: G. Enua, M. Wardle

9E: G. Visic

Annual Girls Empowerment Event.

How well do you feel? Who and what is empowering you?

On the 05.08.19, the Yr.12 girls were fortunate to have some time set aside by their very caring teachers and coordinators to unpack these important questions at the Annual Girls Empowerment Event.

Students discussed different topics pertaining to physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being. This included stress management, body image and nutrition, smart study, setting goals and managing expectations, the importance of mindfulness and spending time in nature to reduce cortisol.

Each workshop was hosted by a guest speaker, staff member and/or alumni who had different tips and personal experiences to share. The intention was to have the girls equipped with a bunch of new 'tools' to draw on as they navigate this critical time of their final year, and set healthy habits for adulthood. This was paired with a delicious morning tea!

Thank you to the facilitators and to the Yr.12 girls who engaged so positively and maturely with the event.

Innovate STEM program

On the 02.08.19, our students had their first session in the city for the Innovate STEM program! Students traveled to the AGL building at the Docklands to work with their mentors, gaining insight into the scientific method approach to problem-solving where they stated a hypothesis, tested their ideas, evaluated and then redesigned. During the first lesson they were given the problem of building a small parachute given specifications, and then asked to improve on the original model.

Innovate is designed to increase Australia’s pipeline of problem solvers and innovators by encouraging the uptake of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects in the early years of high school. Fountain Gate Secondary College is thrilled to be participating in five sessions where students will engage with a range of fun activities that illustrate the practical applications of maths, engineering and design, as well as the use of scientific knowledge to assist with problem-solving and innovation. Underlying every session is an enhanced knowledge of the wide variety of STEM-related employment options available.

Endeavour Project for the year

All Endeavour students have spent the first four weeks of term preparing for their major Endeavour Project for the year. This involves students working in teams to identify a problem, then design and develop a solution to the problem, and finally present their solution to an audience. The overarching themes are 'sustainability' (Years 7 and 8) and 'community' (Year 9). For the year 9s, one day of City Experience will be used for their Endeavour Project research.

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