Assistant Principal's Report

Athletics Sports (Tuesday 13th March 2018), Bicycle Helmets and Scooters, Fountain Gate Primary School, Parking and Speed Limits, School Shoes, Staff Car Park, Student Photographs & Student Awards.
Friday 23rd February, 2018.
Assistant Principal.

Athletics Sports - Tuesday 13th March 2018

The House Athletics Sports will be held at Casey Fields. Students must wear their sport uniform. House colours can be worn over the top of their sports uniform. The House colours are:
Blue - Mayone-bulluk
Green - Wurundjeri
Red - Bunurong
Yellow - Kulin

Bicycle Helmets and Scooters

It is imperative that we have parent support with regard to bicycle helmets. All students who ride a bicycle to school MUST wear a helmet. Parents will be contacted immediately if a student is riding a bicycle without a helmet.

Students riding scooters to school must also bring a padlock so they can be secured safely in the bicycle shed.

Fountain Gate Primary School

We ask parents to reinforce to their older siblings who attend Fountain Gate SC who collect younger siblings from Fountain Gate PS that they wait for their younger brothers or sisters outside their classroom and not at the front gate.

Parking and Speed Limits

We would like to remind parents that the speed limits during designated times around schools is 40 km/h. We would also like to encourage parents to follow the parking regulations stipulated around the school, in particular the area near the Dandenong Valley SDS and the staff car park. The area around the school is very busy, both before and after school, and the ongoing support of all parents is greatly appreciated.

School Shoes

Traditional lace-up leather, polishable school shoes are required. Black runners are not acceptable. Girls may wear T Bar shoes that have a solid sole and leather uppers, shoes that are flimsy and similar to ballet slippers will not be permitted. Girls are required to have the buckles secured. If they are broken, they must be repaired or replaced. We have a number of areas which require feet to be fully covered e.g. Science labs, Technology, Home Economics for safety reasons.

Note: Casual shoes such as Vans, which are sold as school shoes, do not meet our School Uniform Policy.

Staff Car Park

We ask for parents support by NOT using the staff car parks to drop off or pick up their children. Please use the parking lanes in Josephine Avenue or Victoria Road.

Student Photographs

Student photographs were taken on Wednesday 7th February 2018. Parents can order their photographs through the COMPASS portal. For any students that were absent or recently enrolled, the photos will be taken on Monday 26th February 2018.

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been working at their very best and have received a Certificate of Achievement.
8E: Z. Abbas, C. Phuong
8H: R. Ahmadi

Mr. P. Broecker, Mr. N. Uwins
Assistant Principals

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