Assistant Principal's Report

Early Dismissal - Friday 21st September 2018 (Final day of Term 3), Facial Piercings, Parent Support Required, Parent Teacher Evening for Years 7 - 12: Wednesday 5th September 2018, Student Awards.
Tuesday 04th September, 2018.
Assistant Principal.

Early Dismissal – Friday 21st September 2018 (Final day of Term 3)

The students will be dismissed at 2.30 pm on Friday 21st September.

Facial Piercings

Students are allowed to wear two earrings in each ear and they must be either plain sleepers or studs. Other body piercings are not acceptable, this includes eyebrow rings, tongue studs etc. Students will be required to remove such items. Bandaids cannot be used to cover nose piercings etc, studs etc must be removed.

Parent Support Required

A number of students are arriving at school each day tired, not ready for a full day of learning. The reason for this is that your child has had their electronic devices (phones, iPads, and computers) in their rooms each night when they go to bed. We ask that parents insist that the electronic devices are placed in a different room, charging for the next day. If the students claim that they need these devices because they need the alarm clock, then please go and purchase an alarm clock. A good night’s sleep is imperative if a young person is to succeed.

Parent Teacher Evening for Years 7 – 12: Wednesday 5th September 2018

If parents missed the Parent Teacher Evening on Wednesday but still wish to meet the teachers of their children, please contact the following people:

Years 7&8 – Ms Sherman Head of Junior School

Years 9&10 – Ms Muir Head of Middle School

Years 11&12 – Ms Waters Head of Senior School

so the necessary arrangements can be made.

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been working at their very best and have received a Certificate of Achievement.

7A: D. Balkan, Z. Mohammade, S. Savic-Tekoronga

7E: J. Mey, D. Sidhu

7F: Z. Azadzoi (4), B. Eldeek (3), H. Rahman (2)

8E: M. Ibrahim

8I: M. Dawori, K. Panchol (2), I. Qureshi

10E: S. Bunn

Mr. P. Broecker, Mr. N. Uwins

Assistant Principals

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