Assistant Principal's Report

"Children's Crossings are Cool", Lamont Books, Student Awards
Friday 02nd November, 2018.
Assistant Principal.

“Children’s Crossings are Cool”

  1. A children’s crossing is a legal crossing when two flags are in place.
  2. Children and adults who are crossing at a children’s crossing must comply with the supervisor’s directions.
  3. You must always stand behind the yellow line.
  4. Never follow the children’s crossing supervisor out onto the crossing – WAIT! THEY MUST GO OUT FIRST, WHEN THEY HAVE BLOWN THEIR WHISTLE (2 SHORT BLASTS) IT IS SAFE TO CROSS.
  5. DO NOT ride bikes across the crossing, bounce a ball, fight, muck around or run – WALK QUICKLY AND SAFELY.
  6. ALWAYS stay within the lines of crossing and walk in front of the supervisor (never behind them).
  7. The children’s crossing supervisor will always wait until it is safe before they walk out and blow their whistle.
  8. Cars are NOT allowed to park on the crossing. If the area is not clear you must pull up behind the white line and wait till you have clearance before proceeding.
  9. Always be alert and listen to what your children’s crossing supervisor says.
  10. It is ILLEGAL to double-park outside a school – you will be caught.

Lamont Books

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been working at their very best and have received a Certificate of Achievement.

7A: D. Balkan (2), F. Ghafoori, E. Goh, Z. Mohammade, S. Samadi, N. Sharifi (2)

7C: M. Sultani

7F: B. Eldeek (2), H. Rahman (2)

7H: A.Boutthajit

8A: B. Strachan

8D: A. Rasidi

9E: J. Grohnert, S. Verhagen

Mr. P. Broecker, Mr. N. Uwins

Assistant Principals

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