Assistant Principal’s Report

Edrolo e-Learning Resource, Children’s Crossings are Cool, Student Awards, Uniform Reminders & Year 9 & 10 Examination Timetable 2017.
Thursday 16th November, 2017.
Assistant Principal.

Edrolo e-Learning Resource

Dear Parents,

I am writing to provide you with information about Edrolo, an important resource that is being strategically utilised at our school in 2018 to support Year 12 students.

What is Edrolo?

Edrolo is a comprehensive, premium, interactive online video and exam simulation resource for the VCE, providing our students with the best opportunity to perform to their potential throughout the year. We have extensively assessed the resource and are confident it is an extremely valuable investment for our teaching and learning culture.

You can see Edrolo in action by visiting this link:

How do students use Edrolo?

Edrolo is currently used by over 500 schools and 60,000 students. Crafted by outstanding VCE teachers (including exam assessors and textbook authors) and built in accordance with VCAA Study Designs, its curriculum-specific and engaging content will provide our students with a differentiated and targeted level of support as they prepare for their most important examinations.

How will our students and teachers use Edrolo?
We will use Edrolo as a tool to further enhance what our teachers are doing day-to-day.

Our teachers are provided with training on how to best utilise the resource, and you should expect them to guide students to make full use of Edrolo in a range of ways across the year, including:
● holiday homework;
● pre-class work;
● post-class consolidation;
● assessment preparation; and
● exam revision.

We are actively communicating with students regarding how to access Edrolo.

Edrolo has been deemed an outstanding VCE resource, providing our students with the best opportunity to perform to their best with the support of our fantastic teachers.

"Children’s Crossings are Cool"

  1. A children’s crossing is a legal crossing when two flags are in place.
  2. Children and adults who are crossing at a children’s crossing must comply with the supervisor’s directions.
  3. You must always stand behind the yellow line.
  4. Never follow the children’s crossing supervisor out onto the crossing – WAIT! THEY MUST GO OUT FIRST, WHEN THEY HAVE BLOWN THEIR WHISTLE (2 SHORT BLASTS) IT IS SAFE TO CROSS.
  5. DO NOT ride bikes across the crossing, bounce a ball, fight, muck around or run – WALK QUICKLY AND SAFELY.
  6. ALWAYS stay within the lines of crossing and walk in front of the supervisor (never behind them).
  7. The children’s crossing supervisor will always wait until it is safe before they walk out and blow their whistle.
  8. Cars are NOT allowed to park on the crossing. If the area is not clear you must pull up behind the white line and wait till you have clearance before proceeding.
  9. Always be alert and listen to what your children’s crossing supervisor says.
  10. It is ILLEGAL to double-park outside a school – you will be caught.

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been working at their very best and have received a Certificate of Achievement.

7A: M. Amini, J. Mohibbi
7D: B. Koloa
7E: H. Ahmed, J. Gogan
7F: B. Hallisey, K. Jaeger (3)
7G: B. Cotroneo
7H: A. Cindric
7I: A. Nouv, J. Porter
8F: L. Naea
9A: H. Hakimi
10C: R. Hakimi
10D: M. Karimi, E. Mudie
10K: N. Cairns

Uniform Reminders

The Fountain Gate Secondary College uniform policy clearly states that any non-uniform items should NOT be worn at school.

If a student is seen wearing a non-uniform item, they will be asked to remove that item and hand it in to the Sub-School where the item will stored and the student’s name recorded. That item can be collected at the end of the day. Examples of items include:

  • Hoodies
  • Ear phones
  • Coloured T-Shirts
  • Caps
  • Beanies

Scarves – can be worn but must be navy blue, black or white. Scarves with logos or brands are not acceptable. The scarves must be removed for Technology classes.

Students who repeat the behaviour of wearing non-uniform items will receive an appropriate consequence.

Year 10 Examination Timetable 2017


Thursday 16th November

Year 10

Periods 1 and 2



Year 11


1.00 pm – 3.45 pm

Friday 17th November

Year 11

General Mathematics Exam 1

12.00 pm – 1.45 pm

8.45 am – 10.45 am

11.15 am – 1.15 pm

Monday 20th November

Year 10

English, EAL

Year 11

Business Management

8.45 am – 11.00 am

Year 10



Year 11

General Mathematics

12.00 pm - 1.45 pm

Study Room

Tuesday 21st November

Year 10

Geography, History

Year 10

Physical Education

Study Room

Year 11


2.45 pm – 5.30 pm

Wednesday 22nd November

Year 10


(Foundation Science – no exam)

Year 10

Students who have been absent complete the examinations

Year 11

Mathematical Methods

11.45 am - 2.00 pm

Thursday 23rd November

Curriculum Day

Year 10 students who have been absent complete the examinations

Friday 24th November

Year 10

Year 10 – 11 Induction Day for Fountain Gate SC


  1. Year 10 students attend school as normal up to and including Friday 17th November. From Monday 20th November to Wednesday 22nd November, Year 10 students attend school for their examinations only unless otherwise advised.

Year 9 Examination Timetable


Periods 1 and 2

Periods 3 and 4

Periods 5

Monday 4th December

Year 9

English, EAL

Tuesday 5th December

Year 9



  1. Year 9 students attend school as normal.

Mr. P. Broecker, Mr. N. Uwins
Assistant Principals

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