End of Term 2 and Holiday News

Friday 28th June, 2019.

Term 2 has brought many challenges, opportunities for learning and growth, thoughtful decisions and ultimate success. We have seen some outstanding accomplishments this term including Team S.A.N.I.T.Y placing first worldwide, Year 7 Camp, The Great Gatsby Play, Model United Nations Conference, STEM workshops, VCE Careers and Pathways Showcase and Alumni Seminars. The Endeavour Centre has continued to be a source of individualised learning with ongoing projects including the Nerdy Derby Project and Rube-Goldberg Project. Additionally, each Thursday, Primary Schools have participated in the STEM projects, introducing them to the College’s innovative curriculum. This has been supported by our Alumni Program with Alumni coming in each week to meet with the primary school students and participate in the STEM Workshops.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday as we look forward to all Term 3 has to offer. Please refer below for School Holiday Programs, term dates and additional information

Best wishes for a safe and relaxing holiday.

Pete Hanratty

College Principal

Year 7 and 8 Physical Education Timetable for Term 3

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