German Day Out

Wednesday 23rd August, 2017.

On Wednesday 26th July the year 9 and 10 German students accompanied by Frau Tchantcho had an adventurous day in Melbourne, attending a presentation, eating a traditional German lunch and watching the German film ‘Fly Away Home’ at Melbourne Central. Here are some of the students’ reactions to the day.

The only word I can use to describe our German excursion was, amazing. The presentation we attended along with what seemed like dozens of other schools, really pushed me further towards learning German in VCE (though I was already thinking of pursuing that course as German can be such a fun language with such fascinating culture to learn about). After attending our presentation, we had lunch at the cutest German restaurant where I got try Apfelschorle (which was recommended by my German teacher). I’m glad she told me about it because otherwise I would’ve missed out on such a great drink. Finally, after lunch we made our way to Melbourne Central where we watched a German moved based on life during World War II. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my day. It was truly a very amazing day (tiring at the end of the day but still erstaunlich).

Sarah Pavanaris
Student - 10E

The German excursion in the city was a very good experience for people who are looking to study German in Year 10/VCE. It gives you a good insight of where it can take you, that is, if you are willing to use it to your advantage in the future. The presentation, while it hadn’t convinced me to take German in VCE, was interesting to see where it had gotten people and the opportunities they were given. People who were offered scholarships to study in Germany or go as exchange students had really given us an insight of what it’s like there, what it’s like to study German and why you should study it (if you enjoy it, of course). The Hofbrauhaus had a homey, warm feeling to the place and the food there was delicious. The restaurant made sure to stick to German traditions with food, drink, staff uniform and even a little area that looked like a bar, it definitely made you feel welcome. The movie at Melbourne Central was quite a sad movie, there wasn’t a part that wasn’t sad, but it was definitely interesting to watch a little girl’s perspective of World War II. In the one day I had learnt about studying German, German culture and German history. I definitely say it’s a good experience for anyone willing to try German out in Year 10 before VCE.

Isabelle Luzares
Student - 10G

German Day Out