Principal Newsletter

Debutante Ball, More than just one night & Homework.
Friday 08th September, 2017.

Debutante Ball

The tradition of Presentation Night lives on at Fountain Gate Secondary College.

A debutante ball might seem like an old fashioned event to hold in this day and age, but the tradition is actually growing in popularity in Victoria.

Once upon a time young ladies, wearing white dresses, attended a deb ball as their formal introduction to society. Today it's a chance to get dressed up, have a great night of dancing with their friends and family and celebrate their youth. Fountain Gate Secondary College had 25 debutantes this year.

It was a wonderful opportunity to see so many of our Year 11 students step up and participate in a wonderful event. Once again a big thank you to Mr Heard and Ms Tchantcho who were instrumental in organising this annual event. Thank you to Ms Waters and Mr Threadgold who both did a sterling job being the MC’s for the night.

More than just one night

The debutantes line up their partners months in advance, and together they spent up to 12 weeks preparing for the ball.

They learn presentation dances and other old-time dances, as well as the procedure of being presented and how to curtsey.

"[They learn] little things like that which they would normally never understand or appreciate."

The night of the ball begins with the debs being presented to myself as the College Principal and my wife Moya as well as a student leader Hayley Hickey and everyone at the ball.

The young women and their partners have to perform the presentation dances throughout the night, more dancing and fun with their friends and family follows.

Some of the comments made to me on the night include:

"It gives me great satisfaction to see the young people come out and enjoy themselves,"

"I think it's a great thing for them to still have this tradition - a lot of the secondary colleges have discontinued [the balls] but in our community it's kept going."

“Not much has changed since my niece made her debut over 10 years ago”.

"The same things happen: being presented, feeling like a princess for the night, dancing with your best friend, your partner, getting photos," she said.

"Clothing's changed a lot but it was always a good night; my mother did it, my sisters have done it, I've done it... it's a big tradition."

All the parents/care givers of the debs are involved in the preparations for the ball such as: driving kids home from practice; and buying certain items of clothing.

On the day of the ball the young women, and often their mothers and grandmothers, spend hours getting their hair and make-up done.

Some parents bought their dresses online or at the shops locally or in the city, while others might be lucky enough to have family members who can sew.

Debutante Ball


Lately I have had many conversations with parents/caregivers on how they can support their child with homework?

The primary purpose of homework is to reinforce the information and skills your child learns at school. It is helpful for your child when parents can help them develop strategies to complete homework and assignments in stress-free and learning-friendly ways. It is important that parents and students find a plan that works for their family and stick with it.

Here are some tips that my wife and I have used (not always with success) when trying to develop homework strategies with our own children:

Asbestos Audit

I have just received the inspection report from Cushman & Wakefield from their qualified Hygienist based on their attendance and inspection at our College.

After reviewing the report, I am pleased to announce the result of the Hygienists findings was there was no Asbestos containing materials (ACM) that have been identified.