Principal Report

Awards Ceremony, Fitness program for Physical Education Year 9-10 & Jonny Shannon Year 7 Presentation on Bullying and Online Safety
Friday 11th August, 2017.

Awards Ceremony

Last week we held our Semester One Awards Ceremony. It was a fantastic assembly where all the hard work from our Whole School Improvement Plan is paying off. This is something the College School Council, the School Improvement Team and all staff are working very hard to achieve. The Awards Ceremony is one of the most important events on the College calendar because it is an occasion where we publically recognise student success.

I know as a father how proud I am when I see my own kids get awards for achievements and it was fantastic to see so many parents, grandparents, caregivers and family friends attend this ceremony. I really appreciate you being able to juggle your day around to attend, so thank you. The presentation began with an update to the school community of what progress we had made in regards to our Whole School Improvement Plan.

In regards to Stage 1 - Strong Leadership:

Having a Principal who is focused on whole school improvement is essential in creating a high performing school.

In regards to Stage 1 - High Expectations progress we have:

Looking Forward

The School Improvement Team is currently discussing the implementation of EXAMS for ALL year levels for next year. That would mean all students from year 7 -12 will complete exams.

I have spent a lot of time looking at our academic data especially where some students have been unsuccessful. I have spoken to over 50 students who have failed one or more subjects and asked them the reason why they have been unsuccessful. In all conversations it is not because the students don’t know the content of the subject, it is because they failed to submit a CAT.

A solution to support students is that I’m looking at employing extra staff to keep those students back after school if they don’t submit a CAT. This strategy will ensure that the CAT is completed so that all students pass all subjects.

In regards to Stage 1 – Establishing an Orderly Learning Environment progress we have staff:

In regards to Stage 2 developing a College wide Teaching and Framework, staff have been:

In regards to Stage 2 Building Teacher Capacity staff have been:

Fitness program for Physical Education Year 9-10

Students are currently participating in a fitness program for term 3 where they spend time between practical and theory lesson setting some personal fitness goals and learning applications for fitness for life. During the practical sessions they are participating in various activities such as group fitness, Weights room, Plyometric’s, Cardioboxing and HIIT. The students participation levels and intensity have been great and they have all enjoyed putting together their own personal goal to make improvements with their fitness. Students are expected to do some activity outside of school some examples could be: Structured sports, walking the dog, swimming, yoga and interval sprints.

Jonny Shannon Year 7 Presentation on Bullying and Online Safety

In week one of the term students we part of a presentation that covered bullying/Cyber bullying and how to make friendships on and off line. Students were drawn into the engaging talk by fun and memorable stories that don’t just tell, but also show students how they can proactively address the challenges of bullying and online safety & their digital footprint. The information covered was:

Fitness Program and Bullying Program