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School Review, Year 8 Rubicon Camp, 'Le Mana' Empower Pasifika Youth Leadership School Program, Presentation Ball, Literacy Week, House Spirit Week, Principal's Award
Monday 03rd September, 2018.

School Review

The school has completed the pre-Review Self-Evaluation documentation, ready for our review to begin on Monday, 22nd October.

The review team will consist of our School Council Representative, DET Senior Education Improvement Leaders (Leonie King), our Leadership team (consisting of Principal class, SIT Team).

We have elected to hold ‘field work’ days, where the reviewer and some members of the review team will visit classrooms and hold student, staff and parent focus groups.

As soon as the schedule is finalised, we will send home further information about attendance. The Final Review day, November 23rd, will be when the review team compiles all the information gathered and will begin finalising our new strategic plan. If you have any questions regarding the review, please feel free to contact Pete Hanratty, Neil Uwins or Paul Broecker or visit:

Year 8 Rubicon Camp

On Monday 13th August, our Year 8 students attended Rubicon Camp. Below is a summary of their fun-filled experience.

We embarked with 44 students to Rubicon Camp, Thornton Campus. As we left the gates of Fountain Gate, the students were extremely eager and excited to see what the week long camp would have in store for them.

Rubicon has a strong focus on modeling sustainable and well-being practices and strategies that are foundational to student learning, and empower the students to develop beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that will lead to a life-long positive growth. The curriculum focus of the week was based around the values of ‘Resilience, Teamwork and Collaboration’, linking also mutual respect and active listening.

The students participated in a wide variety of activities over the week that tested their resilience and their ability to work together as part of a team. From the duty groups helping with breakfast, lunch and dinner to collecting the fresh eggs from the chickens, providing a weather report and checking the solar panels, the students were exhausted at the days end.

The strenuous mountain climb of Mt. Sugarloaf, located in the Cathedral State Park saw the students attach themselves to safety ropes to climb up the side of the cliff face and then abseil back down. As we were saying to the students, “Life’s a climb, but the view is great”. And the view was absolutely stunning from up top, it made all the tears well worth it.

The Alpine Journey was a cross country skiing day held at Lake Mountain. This activity tested most students, and staff due to the difficulty. The day envisaged putting your skis on, falling, getting back up, falling and getting back up on repeat, however, not once, did a student quit which was really pleasing to see as teachers. Not to mention, we were lucky enough to be there when Russell Crowe was filming his upcoming movie based on Ned Kelly.

The students then battled the rapids on the “Big River” as they conquered the rafting experience. The students showed no fear when they began jumping out of the rafts to perform a “Pop A Manu” which we were informed by John that it was the “largest” cannon ball. We thought it would be appropriate if we “supervised” from the rafts as the temperature of the water would have been less than 7 degrees.

Overall, the students represented Fountain Gate Secondary College with pride at Rubicon and we have praised the students for stepping out of their comfort zones and engaging in activities that they normally wouldn’t. We hope to see the students bring back their knowledge of Resilience, Teamwork and Collaboration into our classrooms at school, and be role models for their peers in the classrooms.

Ms Chelsea Craig, Mr Reyne Harris, Mr Michael Laws and Ms Rachael Brick.

Year 8 Students at Rubicon Camp

'Le Mana' Empower Pasifika Youth Leadership School Program:

A number of our students participated in the 'Le Mana' Empower Pasifika Youth Leadership School Program. The aim of the program is to improve student's learning capacities and attain targeted educational outcomes within the school learning environment by enhancing the student's social skills, natural talents and leadership skills.

The program ran over 12 weeks and the students who attended presented to their families and community members on Tuesday, 4th of September, 2018. I wish to thank Paora Te Paki and Sefita Rasolosolo, and all the staff who assisted with the program. The students and staff at the College are very grateful. Thank you.

Presentation Ball

The 2018 Fountain Gate Secondary College Presentation Ball was held at The Grand on Cathies in Wantirna South on Friday 31st August. Seventeen elegant couples arrived at the venue in a Chrysler 300 limousine, a Mercedes Benz 250, a Holden Calais, a Toyota Prado, a stretched Chrysler 300C, a Mercedes Benz ML 320 and Mr Heard’s favourites, a 1956 Ford Victoria and a 1961 Ford Tank Fairlane 500!

The couples were presented to Miss Emma Jaeschke, Alumna Class of 2014. Lasi Bartsch and Maddie Patmore, 2018 School captains, presented flowers to Emma. The official party and couples were introduced by Mr Threadgold and Mr Lowe to the 277 guests who attended.

The couples looked splendid as they danced the Carousel to Jazzystics’ ‘Walking On Sunshine’, the Barn Dance to 5 Seconds Of Summer’s ‘Youngblood and Progressive Jive to Bill Haley and the Comets’ ‘Rock Around The Clock’.

Mr Heard would like to thank the following people for their assistance in making this year’s ball happen:

  • Rob and Elizabeth Street for instructing the students this year.
  • Neil Uwins for his organisation of students to be involved, rolls, amplifier and follow ups.
  • Jenny Nguyen and Belinda Irving for taking photographs.
  • Doreen Darcy for printing of the program and tickets.
  • Lisa, Karen, Carl and Kerrie in the Bursars’ office and Sal in the office for their assistance.
  • Jasmine Gonzalez for organising the guest of honour, Alumna Emma Jaeschke.
  • Dion Pavlic for his assistance with the menu.
  • The staff who attended on the night; Katie Byers, Jimmie Chumacero, Dion Pavlic and Sue Singh.

Top Row: Liae Tuilagi, Luke Lane, Jack Costella, Jake Johannson, Keeley Mitchell, Joshua Iaulualo, Ahmad Zakout, Jacob Eisho, Adrian Petrovski.
Second Row: Denzil Minaar, Robert Loua Leautuli, Patrick Datt, Isaac Arnold, Feauina Ulale, Nayreen Ah Fua , Scott Davis, Haris Harbas, Jefftin Lam, Taro Shoghi.
First Row: Nikita I, Patricia Lay Cardoso, Alysha Smith , Ebony Mudie, Ngoc Tran, Tegan Black, Atalani Faaiuaso, Jessica Welsh, Mikayla Camilleri, Fatima Shahid, Isabelle Luzares.
Sitting: Jany Yu, Tia Rice, April Kennedy, Sarah Pavanaris.

Presenting our 2018 Presentation Ball couples

Literacy Week

Fountain Gate Secondary College celebrated Literacy Week during Monday, 3rd September to Friday, 7th September.

Students and staff shared their favourite books and explained why they loved them. These reviews have been circulating around the school and we will be sharing a few of them here as well, in the hope that they will inspire a few or many to go and pick up these great reads.

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House Spirit Week

Fountain Gate Secondary College held their first ever House Spirit Week from Monday, 3rd September to Friday, 7th September.

During this week the students were encouraged to emerge themselves in house culture and enjoy all the activities and events that were being held. House Spirit Week saw the introduction of the first ever house points board which created a lot of excitement amongst the students. House points were introduced for all school awards and for all students who participate in extra-curricular activities. We hope this will create a more competitive vibe amongst our Bunurong, Kulin, Mayone Bulluk and Wurundjeri teams. This week was very important for the college as we are really invested in continuing to harness a school sprit vibe around the college.

At the beginning of the week, the students began to solve the scavenger hunt that was placed around the school and played in the lunchtime house competition of basketball. All students who participated earnt points for their house. The front office was dressed with lots of colours and we hoped this would get the excitement brewing. The Kulin house captains began selling raffle tickets to win a house spirit inspired hamper.

On Tuesday of House Spirit Week, the school held a whole school free dress day and many students and staff came dressed in their house colours and participated in the photo booth that was open at lunchtime. It was so great to see pops of colour everywhere and lots of students recognising and being proud of their house.

By Wednesday, the Bunurong house captain displayed their newly made house poster in light of parent teacher interviews and during lunchtime many students participated in dodgeball to win house points for their team.

Friday was a day to celebrate house spirit by having a pizza lunch that raised money for the Young Leaders Team. We also had many students participate in Volleyball at lunch. This especially created a connection between our younger students and the Year 12s.

All round, it was a fantastic week to be a part of and it was so great to see so many students involved and working to get their house to the top of the leader board. Miss Gonzalez and Miss Byers were so grateful for all the House Captains and Young Leaders support during this week and for making it one to remember.

Principal's Award

I would like to congratulate Zaki Azadzoi from 7F who has achieved a Principal’s Award. Zaki has achieved this as he has received 25 Certificates of Merit during the course of the year. Well done, Zaki.

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