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Year 12 Chemistry Excursion to the Victoria Space Education Centre, Schoolgirls U18 Rugby Nationals, AGL Innovate Program, Year 10 VCE Electives Assembly, Canine Comprehension Program and Mulgrave Rebels Baseball Sessions.
Tuesday 16th July, 2019.

Year 12 Chemistry Excursion to the Victoria Space Education Centre

Last week, our Year 12 Chemistry students attended an excursion to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) at Strathmore Secondary College to participate in a Medicinal Chemistry lab program. Students had the valuable opportunity of using highly specialised analytical techniques such as Infrared and UV-Visible Spectroscopy and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to examine the physical and chemical properties of organic compounds in aspirin to determine the suitability of them for use by astronauts in space. The excursion was a great chance for our students to apply their knowledge and understanding of Unit 4 Chemistry and we hope they gained some valuable insight into these incredibly important industry-level analytical tools.

Schoolgirls U18 Rugby Nationals

Fountain Gate Secondary College is extremely proud of our students who represented Victoria at the Schoolgirls U18 Rugby Nationals in Canberra over the holidays!

The girls topped their pool and fell just short of the eventual winners Sydney in the semi-final 15-5.

Two of our students who finished school last year, Utumalefata Eli (Player of the Tournament) and Tyra Boysen have also represented at the Super W level for the Rebels Women’s team this year.

We are also very proud of Hope Kareta who was named team captain for the tournament. Mel, Chantelle and Iron are three of the youngest to be named in the team and will have the opportunity to represent our College for the next two years as well. Well done girls!

Pictured below
Chantelle Latu, Utumalefat Eli, Hope Kareta, Mel Moapati, Tyra Boysen and Iron Talia.

AGL Innovate Program

On the 17th July, 19 students from years 7 and 8 started the Innovate Program. This is a STEM-based program that runs over five sessions and involves students working with mentors (industry professionals).

Innovate is designed to increase Australia’s pipeline of problem solvers and innovators by encouraging the uptake of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects in the early years of high school.

The program involves a range of fun and engaging activities to illustrate the practical applications of maths, engineering and design as well as the use of scientific knowledge to assist with problem-solving and innovation. Underlying every session is an enhanced knowledge of the wide variety of STEM-related employment options available.

Year 10 VCE Electives Assembly

On Thursday the 18th of July, Year 10 students attended a VCE Electives Assembly presented by our Careers and Pathways Team. This assembly showed students how to select their subjects for 2020 and what resources were available. The College was honoured to welcome guest speaker Adam Cooper from Headstart who talked about how students could become involved in the Headstart Program which is a new model for apprenticeships and traineeships which students can complete alongside their studies.

A reminder that Wednesday 31 July is a compulsory Course Confirmation session for parents/guardians and students of Year 10 between 1pm – 8pm. Please book your appointment time with your Course Counsellor via the school’s elective portal.

Canine Comprehension Program

On Friday, students met Barney and his owner Susie for the first time as Fountain Gate Secondary College is thrilled to be participating in the Canine Comprehension Program which will be running from Friday 26th July until August 16th! With the intention of 'Communication on the inside and out' Susie and Barney will be working with a group of ten students from Year 7 and 8, bringing a calming and happy presence to the learning process.

Mulgrave Rebels Baseball Sessions

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