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Wear It Purple Day, Fountain Gate Secondary College claims first victory in Rebel Shield, 2019 Presentation Ball, Le-Mana Program, Succulent Planting Workshops, House Captain Workshop, FGSC Instagram Photography Competition, Free Dress Day and Ice Bucket Challenge and '39 Steps.'
Tuesday 03rd September, 2019.

Wear It Purple Day

On the 30th of August, students celebrated “Wear It Purple Day," which was run by our College Captains. The day was dedicated to showing support and raising awareness for the LGBTQI+ Community while also raising funds for the Foundation.The highlight of the event was seeing the unity and compassion amongst everyone which our College hopes to see translate to our upcoming MND fundraiser. The senior captains are also pleased to announce that the Student Leadership Office is now up and running with heaps of resources and facilities for students involving wellbeing support, academic support, general questions/ queries and more!

Fountain Gate Secondary College prides itself on being an all-inclusive school and we endeavor to host more awesome events that celebrate the LGBTQI+ Community!

Fountain Gate Secondary College claims first victory in Rebel Shield

The 2nd of September marked the inaugural Rebel Shield fixture kick-off! This is a new competition created by Rugby Victoria to bring 15-a-side rugby to the state school system. Fountain Gate Secondary College was thrilled to host the first match against Hampton Park Secondary College which was held at our newly developed Rugby Pitch after school.

The match was an Under 16 age group boys game with players from the College's Year 9 and 10 Academy classes. The team performed the College Haka “Kei Whea Rā” before kickoff and went on to run 12 tries, winning 74 – 0. Simote Haisala was named man of the match with a strong performance for the entire game including a fantastic game from state representatives, Leafi Talataina, Isaac Rawaqa and Tim Leau.

Tries; Lui Lui (3), Sebastian Sialau (2) Leafi Talataina (2) Haami Graham, Josiah Moreli Alama, Liam Walsh-Rutherford, Simote Haisala and Otto Lui (1).

Conversions: Sebastian Sialau (3/5), Lui Lui (0/0), Josiah Moreli Alama (3/4), Leafi Talataina (1/1)

2019 Presentation Ball

The 2019 Fountain Gate Secondary College Presentation Ball was held at The Grand on Cathies in Wantirna South on Friday 30th August. Seventeen elegant couples arrived at the venue in 2 Stretched Hummer Limousines.

The couples were presented to Miss Alivia Mai, Alumna Class of 2018. Nikita I and Ngoc Tran, 2019 College Captains and past Debs, presented flowers and chocolates to Alivia. The official party and couples were introduced by Mr. Threadgold and Ms. Bamberg to the 291 guests who attended. This year’s introductions were themed by the male participants to the amusement of the audience, 'She’ll be apples guys.'

The couples looked delightful as they danced the Carousel to Jazzystics’ ‘Walking On Sunshine’, the progressive Barn Dance to George Ezra’s ‘Shot Gun’, Merengue to Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s ‘Senorita’ and Progressive Jive to Bill Haley and the Comets’ ‘Rock Around The Clock’. They all danced superbly and Mr Heard would like to thank them for being such a great group for his final presentation ball. Mr. Heard will remember them through the Frangipani that has been planted at the farm in a prominent position in the garden. He would also like to also thank all of the other deb sets over the years for their co-operation and well wishes. It has been a lot of fun to see students develop their dance skills.

Mr Heard would like to thank the following people for their assistance in making this year’s ball happen:

Rob Street for instructing the students this year.

Jenny Nguyen and Belinda Irving for taking photographs.

Doreen Darcy for printing of the program and tickets.

Lisa, Karen, Carl and Kerrie in the Bursars’ office for their assistance

Neil Uwins for his ongoing support of this event.

Jasmine Gonzalez for organising the guest of honour, Alumna Alivia Mai.

Dion Pavlic and Belinda Irving for their assistance with direction.

The staff who attended on the night, Genevieve Barlow, Deb Buggee, Katie Byers, Ben Clements, Tori Dessent, Emily Irwin, Srinath Karunarathna, Dion Pavlic and Maddi Wheatley-Harris.

Boys (L to R) Jackson Rozen-Lincoln, Jerome De Zoysa, Ryan Hancock, Anthony Camenzuli, Corey Cartledge(hidden), Jordan McMahon, Jamie Ross, Jacob Eisho, Alex McLeod, Jordan Overlunde, Niki Krkacovski, Nik Krkacovski, Brayden Nunn, Erik McGuire, Brian Mai, Sam Hill, Ruel Goundar.

Girls (L to R standing) Madeline Webster, Shanae Morton, Dimi Balalas, Rebecca Bernal, Renee Clydesdale, Keisha Atkinson, Paige Currie, Mikalah Mason, Nada Ragab, Aleesha McLaughlin, Vy Nguyen, Pinkan Tjoeka.

Sitting Sachindra Merannage, Nicolette Ruisi, Thea Chung, Tyler Brown, Haylee Boyes

Le-Mana Program

Last month, 11 Year 8 students ended their 10-week Le-Mana program with a presentation for parents and teachers. The presentation was created and delivered by the students through speech, song and preparation of their cultural foods including Pua'a (roast pig) and Lu'au (coconut cream baked in taro leaves).

Through the program, students explored how they can connect their Culture to their educational learning environment. The Le-Man Empowerment Program is a first for Fountain Gate Secondary College but definitely not the last with the program returning next term for our Year 7’s!

Succulent Planting Workshops

Elise Dunstan (Alumni Manager) has been running weekly succulent planting sessions in the ANZAC Day garden along with Year 12 students and Jasmine Gonzalez ’16 (Alumni and School Spirit Coordinator). The students have voluntarily given up their lunchtime to hear about the benefits of gardening to reduce stress and anxiety and participated in gardening activities. Additionally, the students have helped create succulent tins to thank staff for their hard work and dedication to teaching the students at Fountain Gate Secondary College. Each week, the students in attendance has grown.

Elise is having a profound impact on encouraging students to have positive minds and attitudes towards school, self and teachers. The students have shared their ideas and are aiming to plant fruit trees at the school and would like to create an alumni garden. Elise and Jasmine look forward to meeting more students at the succulent planting sessions!

House Captain Workshop

On the 29th of April, House Captains prepared for House Spirit Week, RUOK Day and completed a goal they set earlier on in the year. Past Wurundjeri House Captains and alumni Jordan Gavin ’18 and Dillon Nealie ‘18 joined the celebrations to help assist the teams in completing their projects.

Mayone Bulluk designed house team netball bibs and created grateful cards for RUOK Day. To complete their goal, Bunurong began to create house boards that will showcase the history behind the house’s names and created personalised bandanas and wrist bands to be given out during House Spirit Week. Wurundjeri has launched a house shield competition which will run later in the term and created props for a photo booth they are operating during House Spirit Week. Kulin designed the meditation room space for RUOK Day and created promotional posters for all of the up-coming events.

The House Captains were grateful for the alumni’s support and assistance, with the projects and workshop overseen by Jasmine Gonzalez 16’ (Alumni and School Spirit Coordinator). The captains and alumni guests enjoyed a team lunch to celebrate their hard work and loyalty throughout the year and are extremely excited to celebrate House Spirit Week this week with all of the students!

FGSC Instagram Photography Competition

Thank you to all who submitted entries and congratulations to the finalists! We are thrilled to announce that the Student's Choice Award, First Place and Runners Up have been selected! Congratulations to Kieran in Year 11 for First Place, Afzal in Year 11 for Runners Up and Aisa in Year 10 for the Student's Choice Award!

Free Dress Day and Ice Bucket Challenge

Don't forget Free Dress Day tomorrow to raise funds for Fight MND! There will be an Ice Bucket Challenge at lunchtime on the bottom basketball court so make sure to come and support this amazing cause!

'39 Steps'

Get excited for 'The 39 Steps' TOMORROW! Make sure to grab your $10 tickets from the Bursar's Office!

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