Principals Newsletter

College Professional Learning Day & FGSC Rugby Teams.
Friday 25th August, 2017.

With the beginning of the school term coming to an end it is refreshing to finally see some sunny days.

At this point in the term it is always a good time to ensure that our kids are eating well, getting plenty of rest and having breaks from technology. This is especially important for our year 12 VCE students as they are getting to the end of their last full term of school before revision and exams of term 4.

Some key things for all students and families to attend to are:

College Professional Learning Day

The College staff continued on the work in Stage 2 of our Whole School Improvement Plan. The learning they participated in was in developing an Instructional Model for the College.

An instructional model is a systematic approach to teaching and learning which explains lessons and the learning and support activities. High performing Colleges have an Instructional Model as it will support us in developing a shared language in all classes and support teacher reflection and inform their professional learning requirements. It engages and motivates teachers to consider how their teaching practice best supports student learning whilst creating consistency across the College. It helps students understand the expectations and the “rules within all classes”. The strategies present in the Instructional Model are based on learning theories and we are investigating five kinds of instructional models which are:

Direct Instruction:

Indirect Instruction:

Interactive Instruction:

Experiential Instruction:

Independent Study:

Our Instructional Model may end up being a combination of one or more of these.

FGSC Rugby Teams

On Wednesday 9th August, the Fountain Gate S.C. rugby teams competed in the South East Regional Rugby Sevens tournament at Moorabbin Rugby Club and completely demolished the competition in every game. Our teams were undefeated; winning the Under 14 Boys and Girls titles as well as the Under 16 Boys and Girls titles for the day. An absolutely outstanding effort by all of the teams! All four teams will go on to compete for FGSC at the state championships on the 6th of September.