Principal's Report

Uniform, Mother's Day, Science Fair, Purchase of a College Bus, Attitudes to School Survey & Early Pick-ups.
Friday 19th May, 2017.
Principal, Featured News.


Our uniform looks great and it is fantastic to see approximately 99% of all our students wearing it with pride. With the colder weather starting to settle in, it is important for all students to continue to wear their uniform with pride. I understand that at times it is cold, but student must continue to wear our uniform. This means not wearing jackets that are not uniform and not wearing hooded jumpers. If students need extra warmth whilst at school they are able to wear skivvy type tops which are white, black or dark blue or the school jacket.

Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a lovely day last Sunday with their mother, grandmother, great grandmother or special person. It is a special time to reflect on the important role of family and friends and to acknowledge the commitment of families, through positive as well as more challenging times, to their children and to their schooling.

Science Fair

The College held its annual Science Fair where students displayed their science projects in the form of a report, display board and models that they have created. The display this year also included work from students at Maramba Primary School. It was wonderful to have Maramba involved in our Science Fair. Students, parents and staff have had the opportunity to vote for their favourite project. A very big thank you to Ms Mraz and her team for their hard work in making this Science Fair such a success.

Purchase of a College Bus

The College has recently purchased a mini bus which carries 12 people. The bus will be convenient for the many times the College has to move students from one place to another for a myriad of reasons. It is anticipated this will reduce the amount of times staff have to use their private vehicles to transport students. The bus will have the College design decals on it which will have the added benefit of advertising your great College within the wider community.

Attitudes to School Survey

Research shows that students who do not have high self-belief tend to underachieve significantly, not meeting their potential. This Attitudes to School Survey is a short self evaluation survey that the College uses to gain insight into attitudes that could be hindering achievement. This survey can assist the College in detecting possible barriers to learning, including issues around confidence, resilience, motivation, concentration, disaffection and alienation. Once the survey results are returned to the College they will be shared with the students.
For me as a Principal it allows me have an insight into the students’ mindsets which is often difficult to gain. It will help me identify the reasons behind low attainment, challenging behaviour and low attendance, enabling me to build a complete picture of a child’s motivation, attitude and engagement in learning.

As we know students with higher levels of emotional, behavioural, social and school wellbeing, on average have higher levels of academic achievement and are more engage in school. I look forward to analysing and sharing these results with the College community and using these to support our well embedded Whole School Improvement Plan.

Early Pick-ups

I would like to remind parents and guardians about picking students up from school during the school day, please try to avoid making appointments during the school day for your child. We do understand that this is sometimes unavoidable; where possible, please avoid school times. Our end time for the day is 3.01pm. Also, some students are using their phones during the school day to contact you and arrange early pick-ups or let you know about illness or issues. Please speak with you child about speaking with their Sub School or the office staff first and if they do ring/text you, please direct them to the office or their Sub School first.

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