Fountain Gate Secondary College is a Year 7-12 College committed to providing a high-quality educational program for all students. We provide a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum at Years 7-10, including a choice of nearly 100 different subjects to promote individual responsibility, engagement and agency. Since 2019, our Endeavour Program offers students the opportunity to study real world programs in a project and problem-based environment, allowing learners to become 21st century problem solvers. Student choice is continually shaped in the middle years, allowing students to further pursue their interests and the option to begin a VCE program early. At VCE, the College offers a comprehensive range of VCE programs that include Sciences, The Arts, Humanities, English and History, Mathematics, VET programs and the Rugby Sevens Sports Academy.

At Fountain Gate Secondary College, student voice plays an integral role. We provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills through various programs and initiatives. Our school captains maintain a student meeting space for programs ranging from fundraising, forums and Future Problem Solvers in which they have achieved international acclaim. The College also caters for students’ diverse academic and individual needs. In particular, Fountain Gate Secondary College offers a High Achiever’s Program, which fosters high academic achievement.

Our sub-schools and Gateway teachers lead programs where students plan individual learning goals, reflect on their Learning Habits, and meet regularly with teachers and parents. These programs also support students’ academic, social and emotional needs to enable growth for every learner. 

We welcome you to our College and our wonderful facilities, including our innovative Endeavour Building, Flexible Learning Centres, and Fitness Centre.