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Job TitleJob FamilyclassificationFull/Part TimeOngoing/Fixed TermStart DateEnd DateApply ByJob ID
Food Technology SupportEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 2Part-TimeFixed Term29-01-202420-12-202411-12-20231388824
Humanities 7-12 TeacherTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202411-12-20231388840
Instrumental Music - BrassEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 3Part-TimeFixed Term12-02-202429-11-202411-12-20231388781
Instrumental Music - DrumsEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 3Part-TimeFixed Term12-02-202429-11-202411-12-20231388696
Instrumental Music - GuitarEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 3Part-TimeFixed Term12-02-202429-11-202411-12-20231388705
Instrumental Music - VoiceEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 3Part-TimeFixed Term12-02-202429-11-202411-12-20231388682
Instrumental Music - WoodwindEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 3Part-TimeFixed Term12-02-202429-11-202411-12-20231388714
Student Wellbeing Team LeaderEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 4Full-TimeOngoing29-01-202411-12-20231388670
Sub School AssistantEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 2Full-TimeFixed Term29-01-202419-12-202511-12-20231388799
Technology Classroom SupportEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 2Part-TimeFixed Term29-01-202420-12-202411-12-20231388810
7-12 Physical Education TeacherTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202412-12-20231389176
Digital Technologies 7-12 TeacherTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202412-12-20231389166
EAL 7-12 TeacherTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202412-12-20231389183
English Teacher 7-12TeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202412-12-20231389164
Food Technology TeacherTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202412-12-20231389186
Inclusion CoordinatorEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 3Full-TimeOngoing29-01-202412-12-20231389210
Instrumental Music - PianoEducation Support ClassES Level 1 - Range 3Part-TimeFixed Term12-02-202412-12-20231389204
Leading Teacher - InclusionLeading TeacherLeading Teacher - Range 3Full-TimeOngoing29-01-202412-12-20231389200
VCE English TeacherTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202412-12-20231389182
Health / Physical Education (7-12) TeacherTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202414-12-20231389924
Mathematics 7-12 TeacherTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202414-12-20231389916
VCE VM NumeracyTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202414-12-20231389920
Product Design and Technology TeacherTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202419-12-20231391106
Technology Classroom SupportTeacherClassroom TeacherFull-TimeOngoing29-01-202419-12-20231391067

Calling all kind-hearted volunteers

Are you passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others? We seek a dedicated volunteer to join our team for a heart warming cause.
Our Mission: Every Friday morning during the school term, we host a Refugee Parents Morning Tea at the College to support and empower our incredible refugee parents. These amazing individuals, new to our country and facing language barriers, deserve a warm and welcoming environment where they can connect, learn, and grow.
The Opportunity: We need a compassionate volunteer to help us mind the young children attending the morning tea. Keeping the little ones engaged and occupied will enable their parents to participate fully in our various activities, offering them invaluable support and guidance.
The Setting: You’ll be alongside the parents, creating a nurturing space within our cozy gathering room. Together, we will foster a sense of belonging and community, ensuring everyone feels valued and understood.
Schedule: The morning tea takes place every Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. It’s is the perfect opportunity for those with a few hours to spare, as you’ll have plenty of time to make a meaningful impact and still have the rest of the day to pursue your other interests.
Perks: As a token of our gratitude, we provide a delicious spread for everyone to enjoy. You’ll have the chance to savour delicious treats while basking in the heart warming atmosphere created by our incredible refugee parents.
Join Us: If you have a nurturing spirit, love working with children, and want to be a catalyst for positive change, we would be honoured to have you join our team.
To volunteer or learn more, please email Kylie Box at or call 8762 6839. Let’s create a supportive community that uplifts and embraces everyone.
Please share, spread the word, and let’s find the perfect volunteer for this heart warming opportunity! Together, we can make a lasting impact.