School Term Dates

Please Note

Victorian students, teachers and support staff have begun a staged return to on-site schooling. This follows advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer.

Term 2

Tuesday April 14 - Friday June 26, 2020

Schools moved to remote and flexible learning in Term 2. 

A staged return to face-to-face learning began from Monday 25 May. Visit coronavirus (COVID-19) for the most up-to-date information.

The first day of term 1 is a student-free day in government schools. There's a student free day each term. Your school will decide when the remaining student-free days are, so contact them for details.

Please see more information on the DET website here:

School Term Dates

School term dates have been compiled from information obtained from state and territory government departments and are subject to change without notice.


TermStart DateEnd DateTerm Length
1 Tuesday 28th January 2020 Tuesday 24th March 2020 40 Weekdays
2 Tuesday 14th April 2020 Friday 26th June 2020 53 Weekdays
3 Monday 13th July 2020 Friday 18th September 2020 49 Weekdays
4 Monday 5th October 2020 Friday 18th December 2020 54 Weekdays