School Transport


Students can catch the Ventura Bus Services 834 and 835 in the mornings to school. In the afternoons, there are four buses which service the school.

They are:

  1. Ventura Service 834 from Josephine Avenue to Webb Street, Fountain Gate, then to Casey Central.
  2. Ventura School Special from Josephine Avenue to Hallam Valley P.S. via the Oatlands estate.
  3. Ventura School Special from Josephine Avenue to the Hallam Senior Secondary College .
  4. Bus service 835 from Victoria Road (departing 3.30pm)

These buses depart between 3.10pm and 3.35pm and the students are supervised when getting on the buses.


Many students ride a bicycle or scooter to school. The school provides a secure bike enclosure, which is locked during the day. Bicycles & scooters must be individually chained to provide additional security. Students riding a bicycle or scooter to school must obey all road laws including the wearing of a well-adjusted helmet. Students must cross and walk their bicycles at the supervised pedestrian crossings.


There is extensive parking at the front of the school for parents driving students to and from school. In the interests of keeping students safe, parents’ cars are not permitted to enter the car parks.