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  • To join our alumni community and to get involved, please contact us with your preferred contact details and a brief bio.

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    Alumni Development

    ‘The gateway to advancing community’

    Fountain Gate Secondary College has established an alumni program to help our former students keep in touch with their school community and feel a strong sense of belonging.

    In the three years our program has been running, being part of the alumni community has proved to be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for all involved.   

    Through our alumni community you can:
    •    Advise, assist and inspire current students at FGSC
    •    Network with other past students who work or study in areas relevant to you 
    •    Stay connected to the people you studied and socialized with 

    The program is developed in partnership with Ourschool, a not-for-profit that is dedicated to helping state secondary schools build their alumni communities. 

    For the past couple of years, we have established and grown our alumni database and both created and hosted opportunities for alumni involvement – including alumni returning back to the school to provide advice about pathways, supporting students’ wellbeing, offer work experience and networking opportunities.

    Our goals at present are: 
    •    To expand and broaden our alumni network 
    •    To diversify and intensify avenues for alumni involvement and contribution 
    •    To offer more opportunities for students to connect with those who’ve pursued different careers and lifestyles, and receive advice and support from such alumni 

    To join our alumni community and get involved, please email or message us with your preferred contact details and a brief bio!

    For general information about how we seek to protect your personal information, please see our privacy policy.