Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities the co-curricular activities program offered at fountain gate secondary college is an important part of all students education. All students have special skills outside of the classroom that they should be able to further develop.

Co-curricular activities provide enjoyable and challenging experiences that enhance and maximise the students learning. Participation in these Co-curricular Activities is normally run outside the classroom predominately at before school, lunch or after school.

Listed below are some of the many activities students can participate in:

Leadership Programs

Fountain Gate Secondary College’s Young Leaders work as a team to run events in the school, talk at assemblies and important events, and speak on behalf of the students about issues that are important to them. The team learns leadership skills at the start of the year, and meet regularly to plan and work on a range of projects. It is a great opportunity to learn, develop, and implement skills that can be a huge benefit in all areas of life, especially future career prospects.

Photography Club

During lunchtimes students of all year levels can partake in a Photography Club. Run by the Photography Teacher students are encouraged to brainstorm topics and ideas for weekly photo shoots. Students will have the opportunity to show their work, participate in the yearbook and organise the yearly photography exhibition run and organised by the club members. Students will also participate in photography contests, have opportunities to use the studio lighting room, imaging mac lab, as well as the traditional black and white darkroom.

Anime Club

Anime Club is held every Wednesday afternoon. It is organised by one of the Art teachers and two students helpers: Jenni and Daniel. Jenni is an avid and keen ‘Anime’ Enthusiast, whilst Daniel is in charge of Technical Support (IT). The computer is set up and the Anime cartoons or short films are projected onto a large screen, so that everyone can get that ‘at the movies’ feel! Each week there is a different genre of Anime movie played such as: Non Non Biyori (Slice of Life), Bukuman, Sword Art Online (Action RPG) and Hailyuu (Sport). We run drawing competitions and have random give aways of Asian goodies such as Anime posters and Japanese Poki (sweet miniature bread sticks in chocolate).


CANstruction involves students developing structures using cans of food. Teams of ten students from various Primary Schools and Secondary Colleges use a theme to design interesting and eye catching objects. A minimum of 500 cans have to be used for each CANstruction model and this year’s theme is ‘Shaping the Future’. The designed shapes become clearer when viewed through a camera lens. Below are some photos of previous Fountain Gate Secondary College builds. All cans from the builds are donated to Foodbank, a charity to help those in need. Awards are given to schools after judging of the builds for various categories, e.g. best design, best structure.


A competitive sport-aerobics program that combines the elements of dance, gymnastics and traditional aerobics. Students (boys and girls) learn high-intensity movement patterns and skills, and perform them to music. Competitions and performances are held at local, state and national level.


Our school encourages and celebrates the success of our talented students in the sporting field. Students have the opportunity to participate in individual and team competitions in a variety of sports, including many interschool sports teams like AFL, Basketball, Tennis, Golf and Soccer just to name a few. We also run a comprehensive Rugby program that encompasses boys and girls Rugby teams of all ages, all the way up to certificate 1 and 2 in Rugby coaching which is linked in with the Melbourne Rebels. Also on offer are various opportunities to play Soccer. Staff run varouis lunchtime year level competitions in a round robin tournament and on a Friday after school there is another chance for students of all year levels to play Indoor Soccer in a friendly and casual environment.

We also offer academic based co-curricular activities for the students' enhanced learning including:

Home work club

Teachers volunteer every Thursday 3.30p.m. - 5.00p.m. to supervise and assist students after school with homework tasks across the curriculum.

Study skills sessions

If a student has fallen behind in their work, they may be required to attend a compulsory “Study Skills “session on Thursdays after school from 3.15 - 4.00p.m. Teachers volunteer to support students to complete assessment tasks etc.

Future Problem Solving

At Year 8 and 9, students can participate in Future Problem Solving. Students are challenged to work together to identify an underlying problem within a community of their own choosing. They then work closely with key stakeholders to try to solve that problem. The students share the work of documenting all of their challenges, obstacles and achievements, and they must present this body of evidence to a panel of judges at the Future Problem Solving National Championships, which is held in a different Australian capital city each year. If successful at this event, students can then be invited to take part in the Future Problem Solving International Conference, which is held in the USA the following year.