2022 Choice Curriculum

Our Purpose: 

To develop reflective learners who demonstrate respect for themselves, each other and their community. To ensure a rigorous academic program that empowers students to embrace positive pathways that leads them towards responsible and productive local and global citizenship

What is Choice Curriculum?

Choice curriculum at Fountain Gate Secondary College is a curriculum program that offers students a comprehensive range of subjects in each learning area. As students’ progress through the years they may select specialised subjects in the learning areas of: Science, Humanities, The Arts, Languages, Rugby, Health and Physical Education which directly connect to VCE Pathways, Tertiary studies and employment beyond school

Why Choice Curriculum?

At Fountain Gate Secondary College, we are committed providing a high quality education program that focuses on improving student engagement, growth and outcomes. We provide a rigorous choice curriculum that caters to the needs and interests of our students and is focused on providing authentic learning opportunities to support understanding and application of learning.

Choice provides a number of opportunities for students to grow, engage and succeed because:

  • students are more engaged when they have selected areas of interest, passion and skill as they are intrinsically motivated through relevant learning
  • choice enables students to have more ownership and responsibility over their learning by enhancing student agency (the level of power and autonomy they feel in their learning environment) and responsibility
  • choice allows for students to explore and establish future pathways
  • choice subjects are designed to promote curiosity and inquiry
  • students work with like-minded students who have a common interest in the same subjects and learning areas, fostering connectedness.

How much choice do students have?

At Year 7 we offer a structured curriculum with core subjects that provide the foundational knowledge students require as a platform for learning. As students progress through years 8-10 they are encouraged to explore their passions and extend their understanding and skills by selecting variety of choice from each learning area; Science, Humanities, The Arts, Languages, Health and Physical Education and Rugby alongside their core subjects of English and Mathematics.

What is an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)?

Fountain Gate students participate in a rigorous choice curriculum that promotes inquiry, agency
and engagement. Rather than requiring every student to undertake every area of the Victorian
Curriculum, each student’s individual pathway is supported by a tailored program and individual
learning plan to promote growth and improve outcomes.

Who completes an ILP?

All Year 7-10 students complete an individual learning plan. Our students set goals that align with
their curriculum choices. Students begin writing their plan at Conference Day with their parent or
guardian and Gateway teacher. They continue to monitor and adjust their goals during Gateway.
Students follow a template based on SMART goal setting to choose one learning habit goal and one
subject goal to focus on. They will consider ways they will improve and who they can get support

Key information:

  • Students will complete a comprehensive Individual Learning Plan to support their choices from their course planning and learning habits
  • These can be modified as the year progresses – for example to increase the level of difficulty. Students consider their interests and strengths.
  • The ILP will aim to support the long-term plan of the student’s pathway into senior studies in their area of interest.
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