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Year 7 High Achievers Booklist - 2018

The 2018 Year 7 High Achievers Booklist.

High Achievers Program

The High Achiever Program at Fountain Gate Secondary College aims to develop lifelong learners who reach their utmost potential.

Program Goals

The High Achiever Program at Fountain Gate Secondary College is designed to enable high achieving students to maximise and fulfil their academic potential in a stimulating and supportive setting.

Students in this program will work in an engaging environment alongside others of similar abilities and interests. They are provided with the opportunity to work both collaboratively and independently on academic, school and community projects.

The aim of the High Achiever Program is for students to:

Support and Future Pathways

Students in the program are supported and carefully monitored by the Assistant Principal, High Achiever Coordinator and a team of teachers to ensure that their specific needs are being catered for. They are provided with the chance to explore future pathways and career opportunities while completing goal-setting and study enhancement programs. During Year 10, students have the opportunity to study some VCE subjects.

Past Results

Craig Reid was the DUX at Fountain Gate Secondary College and member of the High Achievers Program. He received an ATAR Score of 99.25, which ranked him within the top 1% across Australia. Craig excelled in a variety of Mathematics and Science based subjects and even received a perfect study score of 50 in Further Mathematics. After scholarship offers from Universities, Craig accepted a first round offer at University of Melbourne as part of the Chancellor's Scholars where he is completing his Bachelor of Science.

"Awesome opportunities exist for me outside of the classroom."

High Achievers Music Program

As part of the High Achiever Program, all year 7 students in the program learn a brass or woodwind instrument for the year.

The benefits of learning an instrument;

Music is one of the few activities that use both the left and right side of your brain simultaneously.

Studies have shown a link between children involved with active music making (e.g. learning an instrument) and increased brain power.

Learning an instrument can improve spatial temporal reasoning (the foundations of maths and science).

Learning music enhances creativity and problem-solving skills.

As part of the High Achievers Music Program, students:

  1. Receive weekly lessons (in small groups) on their chosen instrument from one of the College’s expert Instrumental Music Teachers
  2. Are part of the Beginner Concert Band
  3. Can hire an instrument from the College if they do not already have one
  4. Have the opportunity to perform at a range of College and community events.

As this is a compulsory part of the High Achievers program at Year 7,

Fountain Gate Secondary College aims to make the cost affordable.

There are two fees associated with this program:

  1. Instrumental lesson fee: $150
  2. Instrument bond: $50 (refunded when the instrument is returned undamaged at the end of the year)

If you have any questions about the High Achievers Music Program, please contact Miss Tracey Boekel (Music Teacher).

HAP 04Extra Curricular Achievements

Students in this program have the opportunity to excel both inside and outside of the classroom environment. Our students have taken part or been recipients of:

Selection Process

Students who aspire to enter the High Achievers Program are required provide a copy of their most recent NAPLAN results and school report, and sit a selection examination. The selection examination involves a series of tests that focus on students’ English, Mathematics and Reasoning skills.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview where they will be expected to present a portfolio of their work and achievements.

Application Process (2019 Enrolment)

  1. Application Form: Complete the application form and forward it to the General Office before the closing date (24th of April, 2018) with the necessary documentation and application fee.
    • Required documentation includes a copy of the students Year 5 NAPLAN report and most recent School Report
    • Application Fee of $40.00
  2. Entrance Exam: Applicants will be required to complete a series of tests that focus on English, Mathematics and Reasoning. Tests will be conducted on Saturday the 28th of April from 9:00am until 11:30am at Fountain Gate Secondary College, Josephine Avenue in Narre Warren.
  3. Interview Process: Following the entrance exam, students who are to be considered will be invited to an interview where they will be expected to present a portfolio of their work and achievements to support their application.

Portfolio may include:

Application Form below must be returned by 9:00am Tuesday 24th of April, 2018:

Miss N. Tritter – High Achiever and Extension Coordinator
Fountain Gate Secondary College
PO Box 181
Hallam 3803