Fountain Gate Secondary College has now implemented a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) program across all year levels starting from 2017.

This program seeks to balance:

  • the need for all students to have ‘anywhere, anytime’ access to electronic resources and activities
  • the changes to government funding which mean schools can no longer provide free devices to students
  • the need to minimise financial costs to families wherever possible
  • the need for the students’ devices to have appropriate technical support, and
  • the need for students to continue developing their handwriting and non-IT skills.

Details of the program are outlined in the BYOD Program - Parent Pack. Please read this booklet and contact the school if you have any questions.

BYOD Minimum Requirements

The device must have:

  • a battery life of at least 5 hours
  • a screen size of at least 10" (diagonally)
  • be able to access wireless networks
  • run Windows 10/11+ or Apple MacOS 11+ (Check to see if your Mac can support MacOS 11 and greater)
    • Chromebooks, iPads and Android(Google) tablets are NOT supported.
  • have a physical keyboard (i.e. not an on-screen keyboard)


  • a minimum HDD/SSD capacity of 128GB or greater
    • Recommend at least 256GB or greater for students taking any media classes
  • 8GB RAM or greater

What you need to do

  1. Have a notebook computer (device) which meets or exceeds the minimum requirements.
  2. Prepare the device for use at school and sign the BYOD Usage Agreement in your school document pack.
  3. Ensure your son/daughter brings the device to school fully charged every day, and follows the BYOD Usage Agreement they have signed.

BYOD documentation regarding rules, regulations and requirements maybe subject to change.