What is Edrolo?

Edrolo provides interactive videos and exam questions for Year 11 and 12 students. Edrolo is currently used by over 800+ schools and 160,000+ students in Victoria. 

For some subjects, your child will be required to purchase an Edrolo textbook as well. Edrolo’s textbooks do everything a traditional textbook does with the added benefit of several innovative features to better support teachers and students. 

You can find out more about how Edrolo will support your child in their VCE in this short video: edrolo.com.au/parents/

How will our students and teachers use Edrolo?

We will use Edrolo as a teaching and learning tool to further enhance what our teachers and students are doing day-to-day.

Our teachers will be/have been provided with training on how to best utilise the resource, and will guide students to use Edrolo in a range of ways across the year, including:

  • holiday homework;
  • pre-class work;
  • post-class consolidation;
  • assessment preparation; and
  • exam revision.
  • We are actively communicating with students regarding how to access Edrolo and use it to consolidate their learning and for revision

Edrolo has been deemed an outstanding support resource, providing our students with the best opportunity to perform to their potential. 

All students and teachers new to Edrolo must activate their accounts.

Below are the activation instructions. Please send the following unique link to your teachers and students:

Activation Instructions

If you already have an Edrolo account, you can view your new classes by logging in with the same details you’ve already been using! You don’t need to follow the below instructions.

If you don’t have an existing Edrolo account:

  1. Go to www.edrolo.com.au/fountain-gate
  2. Enter your surname and check that it recognises your correct first name
  3. Enter your email address and choose a secure password that you will remember
  4. Click 'Send Confirmation Email'
  5. Edrolo will send a confirmation email to the email address you used above – head to this email and click the activation link within this
  6. You'll then be logged into your account!
  7. Please start by watching our short training video below – you are now ready to go

Forgot Password?

I have an account, but I can't remember my password! Simply head to our reset password page.

Student Training Video

Didn't receive the confirmation email?

Double check your spam/junk folder. If not there, please head back to the link in step one and try again (you may have mistyped your email address).

I'm still having trouble, please send help! 

Don't worry, Edrolo's School Support Team is standing by ready to assist!

Simply email help@edrolo.com.au or give Edrolo a call on 1300 EDROLO (1300 337 656).