Fountain Gate Secondary College offers outstanding educational opportunities to students from Years 7-12. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment which fosters mutual respect and individual responsibility. Through unique opportunities, excellent teaching and an innovative curriculum, our students will be encouraged to aspire to fulfil their potential and achieve excellence. The College has adopted a holistic approach to developing resilient, independent and confident young people empowered to make meaningful contributions to the global community.

Our College has established a Co-operation Code that is built round our key values of Endeavour, Respect, Honesty and Responsibility.


    • Always striving to achieve our personal best
    • Demonstrating resilience and perseverance
    • Having pride in our achievements


    • A willingness to admit mistakes and learn from them
    • Demonstrating integrity in our interactions with others


    • Taking pride in ourselves, others and the school environment
    • Showing understanding to others
    • Allowing everyone the opportunity to learn
    • Demonstrating tolerance though accepting individual differences


    • Being accountable
      for ourselves and showing a willingness to learn and contribute
    • Accepting consequences for our actions